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Public Changelog 18/12/17
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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Inactive Member
Likes 1204
18th Dec 2017

Added shotgun assaulter to the enemy spawn list of the middle eastern maps after testing with the class went well in events.

New Greek enemies with help from bjorn. 

Takistan has been overhauled onto the new insurgency system with a new base, thanks to chaza for doing the initial groundwork, and also making some adjustments to the other bases. Taki is actually being a bit finicky atm with strange enemy spawns and the player spawn system being a bit temperamental, but it'll get sorted.

There is a new attachment available, the fire support team. The FST is most commonly used for overwatch, sometimes in conjunction with the sniper team. This team of 4 is able to spawn statics and coordinate air assets with the FAC. Chaza is responsible for doing most of the legwork on this and even learned config to do it, which was very handy indeed.

Work on the C-RAM is slow, which is expected as long as there are more important things to do.

Ammo Boxes
Alpha and charlie IC’s and 2IC’s/TL’s can now spawn ammo boxes from the crate spawner. I have rebalanced the ammo box amounts to reflect this. Infantry ammo boxes have slightly less conventional ammo, slightly more non rifleman ammo (like MG belts and such) and less bandages but the same amount of saline. The big crates that can be spawned by pilots have had their amounts increased by quite a lot, to reward players appropriately for putting in the effort to slingload it in. A big crate should be able to comfortably get a full section from completely empty to completely full with a bit left over for sustained engagements.

New Era
Also, we just had our first 90’s public mission. This is on zargabad as a first test, and the framework being built now means that I can migrate it to the other maps as quickly as I have done for the modern missions, if not quicker. This mission features 2 sections, a GPMG team, a pair of quartermasters and 2 sniper teams (90’s yo). All of these are British. You’ll be spawning in a platoon house to the south, which is a compound that has been hastily reinforced with hesco barriers and in this case a 50 cal. The majority of these hosted dismounted forces, but our particular one has been spruced up a bit. Under a set of camo nets are 3 snatches, 3 wmiks and 3 unarmed land rovers. The spawning, respawning, ammobox content and spawnable ammoboxes are done, and the sniper team is using a configged l96 originally done by Rik. Next up is to create a medical box (which will also be available on modern) and then that should be good to go.

The far future intention is to get some Cold War missions in as well, but work on that won't begin until we get the fabled vehicle radios from acre so that new spawns have a hope of meeting people in the field. 

Base defence
In testing players could go to a laptop and trigger a base attack alarm to alert fellow players of incoming enemies, which is a different sound to the mortar alarm. They could also fire the all clear, which is the same as mortar clear but on a different circuit so it will still trigger on its own. However, this has now been removed after testing showed people falsely triggering it to waste other people’s time. It will be reinstated once proper logging has been implemented.

The Future
I'm solidifying our ammoboxes for 90's and modern so that every section has a proper supply available. The others are also working on various other bits, such as testing for an ANA player section for afghan maps and custom sahrani enemy units. It sounds a bit unceremonious with the previous weeks of gatling guns and major overhauls but I want to get every player to be able to log in to any slot and get a solid, smooth and self-reliant experience within the realistic limits of their role.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Inactive Member
Likes 1204
18th Dec 2017

A few new bits went in today:

90's: fixed medic not being a medic. Need to look at the modern units too soon because they use the same code for making them a medic and it's possible they've never been medics from the start and noone's noticed and/or told me.

New mission went in today, it's running on the server right now. This is a test of a shorter format where only 1-2 objectives need to be completed to finish the mission. This is on takistan mountains, with an overnight camp set up in the woods with villages on either side within 500m so time to action is still quick, and there is no crate or patrol base spawner since there are no vehicles. The main ammo box is still there, and you’ll have the benefits of a medical facility when you put someone under one of the camonets. This mission is available in 90’s and modern flavour.

Modern composition:

2x sections
1x sniper team
2x QM's

90's Composition:
2x sections
2x sniper team
2x QM's

The point is that it's a small scale mission that people can start an evening with and then move onto one of the big missions.

Speaking of which, the big missions will be made shorter in future so that people can actually potentially see the end of a mission before I make updates and have to restart the server.
Last Edit: 18th Dec 2017 by Hobbs
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Inactive Member
Likes 1204
19th Dec 2017

One thing I forgot to mention, the larger bases now have multiple sets of speakers for the alarm system so you'll be able to hear the all clear from the defensive positions.
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