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Public Changelog 19/04/18
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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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19th Apr 2018

Couple of fixes to heli slots.

There seems to be an issue with takistan insurgency and kunduz insurgency (probably both eras) where it crashes the server after a while. I’m trying to find the cause of this but for now just stick to the other insurgencies.

Also a note on the interpreter. The main function of receiving enemy intel doesn’t work if you don’t join the role when the mission starts. I have no idea why yet but I’ll work on it.

On the plus side I’ve added in a new functionality to the terp that works even on JIP: the terp is able to get info out of any civilian, provided they haven’t been questioned before. This means that even without the radio intel he’s still super useful, and when the whole system works it means he’s not useless in that first half hour where he’s searching through frequencies for chatter.

A side note on the frequencies of the 152 intel radio: the enemy will only choose from the 5 frequencies on the manual dial at the top, not the 99 within the digital interface. I wouldn’t be that mean.

Future stuff

I intend to make siege and mini insurgency missions fully non-persistent, so if everyone leaves the mission will automatically end. There's no need for them to be persistent and noone wants to join one of these if they're empty and half done, so giving the next joiner the pick of the mission would be ideal.
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