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Public Changelog 20/02/18
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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Inactive Member
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20th Mar 2018

We fixed the server settings! Bose realised there was a different method to shutting down the server that might allow it to save its settings properly, so we tried it and it worked perfectly. ACRE’s fixed, bandaging fixes limps in limbs, blufor AI won’t shoot you down on cherno domi if you hit friendly vehicles and various other fixes for long standing issues.

The Python Wolfhound is going back in the garage for a little while after a test session showed an arma bug where creating the rope works for everyone but deleting it doesn’t, so the rope stays for everyone but the admin. It also calculates the physics strangely for people that aren’t the admin sometimes resulting in some very odd detonations.

I also snuck in a test for players ragdolling when hit by bullets in particular ways, but again arma could start the ragdoll state for everyone but couldn’t always undo it for everyone, so there were a couple of cases of people being conscious and fine for most people but one person would see them as a moving ragdoll. This will go back in the code cave until arma’s code desync issues are sorted (uh huh).

Fixes for 90’s Domination

The medics, vehicle commanders and vehicle crew can now drive the medical APC on Al Jahra, no player count limit. The vehicle commanders and crew can now also drive the M113 armed APC’s when there are more than 3 people on the server. Anyone can use the turret on top.

General Domination

The missions now spawn different amounts of different stuff depending on the map. This will require some tuning, but the general idea is that open maps like Jahra have more heavy armour and less infantry, and more clumpy maps like Chernarus have mostly infantry and IFV’s/ APC’s and not many tanks. There’s now also a random element to spawn numbers, and general enemy numbers increase with each AO, again by a random amount for each element so the infantry/vehicle balance changes each time.

Future Plans

I'm hoping to make the enemy reinforcements for domination worthwhile and have a couple of ideas regarding this but nothing concrete yet. Stay tuned.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Inactive Member
Likes 1204
21st Mar 2018

I forgot to mention that on jahra domi the wmiks now spawn with much more vehicle ammo, to save time loading it up with the essentials every time you leave base
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