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Public Changelog 21/04/18
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PVP events, yay or nay?

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21st Apr 2018

Insurgents move into position at a stronghold in Takistan

The interpreter is fixed and now fully functional, regardless of when you join the server. When your PRC152 is on the correct channel you will now get information regarding nearby enemy movements, IED indicators and estimates of stronghold strength, as well as being able to get information out of civilians much more effectively. The interpreter is a very powerful asset but its playstyle is completely different to any of the regular infantry roles. Theoretically, a convoy with a wolfhound and interpreter could navigate to anywhere on the map and skirt around any threats before even seeing them if they need to get somewhere in particular.

A quick pointer on the whole ‘attitude’ aspect of the interpreter. You are technically a civilian collaborator and you have no weapon as a result. I won’t enforce this, so if you want to pick up a weapon then go for it, I'm not going to punish you for wanting to shoot in a shooting game. Just keep in mind that the role is very much intended to be unarmed, so if you’re into realism and balance then keep your mitts off the bangsticks unless it’s an emergency. if you're looking for something to do while in combat then we've found that the interpreter also functions very well as a medic's assistant.

I’ve also drastically reduced the amount of IED’s in insurgency, and implemented a check to make sure they don’t spawn too close together. It was getting silly how unlucky we were getting with multiple IED's on one route, and the extra check in particular will help a lot with that.

Takistan insurgency's server crash is fixed, as are our server issues in general (that’s gonna bite me). Kunduz is still a tricky duck since the map itself is bugged and the devs aren’t working on it anymore, so we’ll just use other missions instead.

Takistan has also received its interpreter, and the ANA commander and subcommander can now spawn ammoboxes from the spawner as intended.

I’ve removed the foreign fighter objective, it doesn’t complete properly (doesn’t delete the marker and doesn’t create a new task afterward). With campaign week coming up it’s safer to just remove it and fix it later.

Future stuff

I’ve been trying to focus on locking down our current systems before embarking on anything major, similar to previous where I got everything sorted before creating the new siege gamemode and then upgrading various systems in insurgency and later domination. This week is campaign week, where we will run a 2000 point insurgency mission on Reshmaan that will conclude with a pvp mini event in the market village of deriyah on friday. This event will consist of a single civilian player, a small selection of opfor players and a larger group of blufor players. The insurgents have to locate and kill the civilian while blufor has to get the civilian to safety in their base. The market will be populated by civilians, armed and unarmed, so both non-blufor sides will be able to blend in the market if they wish. The rest of the insurgency mission will still be active, so blufor will also have to deal with AI insurgents.
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