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Public Changelog 27/02/18
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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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27th Feb 2018


The minefield zone marker is now smaller, which means that it’s more accurate and if you’re inside that then you’re much more likely to have mines within your immediate vicinity.

I made a basic flag system for mine marking. Ace self interact now shows a ‘place EOD flag’ option, which you can use to place a small yellow triangle flag a meter or so in front of you. Due to an ace bug this option is visible all the time instead of being contextual, if this ever changes I’ll do it properly so that it only shows up when you’re near a minefield. In the meantime there’s a hint system that berates you for trying to place flags in strange places, for example miles away from a minefield or trying to spam them while near/in a minefield. There’s another bug at play that means the ace interact doesn’t work on the flag itself, so there’s no delete flag option. Defusal kits are still available to everyone at the main ammobox so the flags are mostly cosmetic at the moment unless marking a proven route or someone forgot to take one.

IED’s are now considerably more dangerous. They’re much rarer now, but they have a random activation distance of up to 40 meters and if you’re not at walking/crawling speed in that radius then the blast can potentially be huge, much larger than previously. This is random however, and not all blasts are the same. 

There’s now a chance of daisy chained IED’s as well. Up to 5 devices can be stringed together along a road and setting off the master device will set these off at the same time, potentially devastating a convoy. In this situation the slave devices are not visible to save performance and not make them too easy to spot (irl they’re buried remember). Disarming the master device will disarm the slaves as well.

Also a minor fix, the ANA medic now has AKM mags in the main ammobox like they’re supposed to.
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Announcements
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