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Public Changelog 27/04/18
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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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27th Apr 2018

I put in a couple of helpers for the high value target and the hostage rescue situations, to facilitate a faster smash and grab playstyle for these particular situations and differentiate them from the methodical clearing of strongholds/caches etc. Hostage rescue will now put the objective marker on the exact building where he’s being held, because if you know what city he’s in then you better know what building he’s in, otherwise the military wouldn’t be sent in. The HVT still has the approximate area to search through but a fancy car (a black saloon) now spawns outside his house, or as close to it as the game can manage.

Also, I restarted the server this morning because of an ace bug so all the week’s changes have now gone in. The default point limit is now 1000, I’ll adjust this if it needs adjusting.
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Announcements
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