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Public Changelog 27/07/18
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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Inactive Member
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27th Jul 2018

2 new armoured domination missions on Jahra, 00’s and modern. After testing extensively I’ve found a mix of friendly/enemy armour that has a good balance, in the 2000 era pretty much everything can mix between cup and rhs but in modern the cup stuff is ridiculously powerful on the blufor side, challenger 2’s can easily sit in front of 20 tanks and take AP all day long and only lose the tracks, so I had to be a bit more discerning there. 2000 era mission is against taki/iraqi style forces with old tanks and is pretty doable with Abrams, the modern era puts you up against the most modern Russian force we have and you really have to pay attention, because with good aim you can one shot a tank, but some of them can one shot you too. The way this works on the rolesheet is there’s a single section that you can fill at lower playercounts and have access to Jackals and Javelins, but at any point you can get 3 people together and join an armour group on the rolesheet. As long as you have 3 people in the group it will let you roll with it. I also noticed while testing that the armour commanders of 90 and 00 don't get binos so I’ve added those.

If these missions are successful then I’ll have a looksee what we can do about odd numbers coming in and give them something to do apart from being raiders/recon. These missions have been commonly requested but I have a suspicion they won’t live up to people’s expectations because of the playercount either being too low or too high with no real sweet spot. If so, I’ll have a think about making them non-persistent with a minimum playercount instead of just deleting them.

Also I put the proper saline bags into the base ammobox for domi medics, please use the forum for bug reports instead of telling me by voice as I’m usually trying to play the game instead of deal with bugs.

While I’m here, big kudos to the guys taking up their first command roles and rocking it over the past weeks, it’s good to see the public being used as an incubator for some really solid commanders and it’s paying off well.
Joined: 15th Sep 2012
Rank: Member
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27th Jul 2018

Yep Freeze you did a really good job last night !

Liberation spawns smaller objectives. Maybe check points or mortal teams etc outside big towns, is something like that viable?

Last Edit: 27th Jul 2018 by Mr T
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