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Public Changelog 28/04/18
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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Inactive Member
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28th Apr 2018

The patrol base no longer requires the medical vehicle to set up. This means that a heli can load up a patrol base and hop it to somewhere far away very quickly, which then can get vehicles with the system mentioned in the previous changelog. I’m hoping this helps with the collective groans when any of the large maps spawn a situation on the other side of the map.

Also, when setting up the patrol base the game will now spawn a locstat folder on top of the radio, which you can interact with to find the position of the other lead elements just like the one at base.

Next up are some minor changes to the vehicle restriction numbers. The utility helis can now be accessed from 6 players rather than 8, and the CAS helis can be accessed from 8 rather than 10. The biggest change is that the hercules can be flown by the fixed wing pilot with as little as 6 people rather than 10.

Last minor thing, the name of the VIP/hostage situation situation has been normalised to always say hostage rescue.

In terms of next week’s events, we’ll be running some cherno domi on sunday and then most likely sahrani insurgency through the week. Should be fun
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Announcements
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[TWC] MoooCow 5th May
its ok vieira I forgive u, u didnt miss much apart from like 3 objectives but who cares
[TWC] Vieira 5th May
Internet died, and then I was too lasy to come back. MoooCow
[TWC] MoooCow 3rd May
bruh no one does sniper training so cant even take the spotter slot
[TWC] Saxon 3rd May
Up now.
[TWC] Lukey 3rd May
Good question
[TWC] Björn 3rd May
When is the rolesheet up?
[TWC] dinoscool3 3rd May
Did you plant the explosives for the BTR on KlipKlop too? Stop volunteering Harry!
[TWC] Harry 2nd May
Flashbacks to btr on the airfield at Klipklop intensifies
[TWC] Lukey 2nd May
*Watches Rik's video from the op* - "they shot the tank from behind"... *Has intense flashbacks to watching Harry boss it to the back of the tank and blows it up with a C4 block*... What a hero...
[TWC] Ross 1st May
Join for Preop!
[TWC] Lukey 1st May
Well done to anyone that attended the joint op tonight, they were very positive in the debrief towards us after the operation, good work.
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