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Public Changelog 29/12/17
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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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29th Dec 2017

Loadout Changes

250ml saline bags have been added to medics’ ammoboxes and the medical crate, and also the charlie medic’s inability to spawn the medical crate has been fixed. Modern spotter also has his loadout fixed so that he has the bandages and short range radio in his spawn kit. Both members of the sniper team have also been given a microdagr since they function as a recon team as well.

Enemy general composition changes

PG7VL RPG Gunners (the anti tank one) spawn rate reduced by just over half and OG7V RPG Gunners (AP) spawn rate increased by about 5%. The end result is rpg gunners in general are about half as common as before, and they’re much less likely to be instadeath to vehicles.

90’s era and mini missions now have their own composition with much much less chance of getting rpg gunners.

Bombers (the civilians that throw grenades) have had their spawn chance reduced by 50%, and hand grenades have been removed from all the regular infantry classes. Bear in mind that if there’s a bomber that you don’t see and he starts fragging you, he’s going to keep throwing as long as he’s got stuff to throw and will often do that in quite quick succession.

Bombers in the mini missions have been removed entirely, as they don’t fit the game design ethos there. The mini missions are intended to be a proper meaty gunfight to warm everyone up for one of the main missions, the necessity of caution is balanced differently here.

Testing for the bomb maker and heavy sniper went reasonably well, but not without imperfection. Restrictions have been put in place regarding the use of these units in future, and as a result the mines will only be used when all players know they’re in play and only in certain areas, and as expected the anti material rifle will only be used once in a blue moon.

Future plans

As mentioned before I’ve been trying to get people together to create a section of afghan national army. So far each volunteer has proven unreliable though, so I may need to restrict volunteer input more in future to avoid wasting time. We’ll see though, even as I type this there is someone else offering to do it.

Otherwise it’s business as usual, polishing insurgency up and I’ll be starting to look at domination in the coming weeks as well.
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Announcements
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