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Public Changelog 30/12/17
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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Inactive Member
Likes 1204
30th Dec 2017

Domination polish work has begun

Altis now has a functional base, although it’s still early days. The domination bases will always be a little more ghetto than the insurgency bases because of the more dangerous enemies in close proximity restricting extensive engineering work from being done, but nevertheless Altis is still wip.

Chernarus domi now in. Chaza’s the one to thank for this one, he did all the initial legwork and then I ran a pass on it to sort everything out. The base is near entirely complete (just missing the ammobox spawner like altis, will be added later) and has a full complement of vehicles, though the specialist armour and apache is currently locked, awaiting code from jayman to count the number of players without the method I used which tortured the server.

Sniper team (non-COIN) brought up to par with the COIN loadout for use in domi. Main difference is ghillie suit + webbing instead of armour. Sniper team added to both maps.

Ported the ammobox spawn system over into domi. Currently it’s all the same crates as insurgency, we’ll see down the line what needs changing. While I was at it I reactivated the clear boxes function for domi and ins so that players can delete boxes that they’ve spawned if they wish to.

Note: These changes will go in when I get up later this morning as I am tired.

Future plans

Next up is to look at enemy composition and numbers. Domi runs a little different to insurgency in that the enemies spawn well before players get close, rather than insurgency where enemies only spawn as you get within a certain area to avoid killing the server (we won’t be able to improve this on insurgency, any time there’s 3 different groups the game just keels over and dies because it spawns units at nearly every nearby village). This tendency makes the FST and the sniper team very useful on domi because recon from long range is absolutely feasible, but spawn numbers are a little more difficult to control. It won’t be impossible but spawn counts will only change when every new AO is created, so if 20 people spawn 1 ao and then 19 leave, that 1 person will still have 20 people’s worth of enemies to deal with. There is no perfect solution here, so I’ll do what I can and get it to a point where first joiners at least don’t have to deal with companies of infantry.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Inactive Member
Likes 1204
30th Dec 2017

All of this is now fully in and tested to be working, the server is now running cherno domi and there will be an opening event tonight around 1830.
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Announcements
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