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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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15th Aug 2018

Switching to a single log thread now that we're out of the main development/polish phase and into maintenance.


Ruha Domination added.
Ragdoll script removed. It's a great script but we're regularly getting bugs where players' locations and states are not syncing correctly. We'll be testing future iterations when the script gets updated.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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21st Aug 2018


Added Ruha siege heavy - hold your ground against russian military forces that use tanks, BMP’s, BTR’s, BMD’s and mortars. You get a sweet trench system though so there’s that.

Insurgent’s RPG’s are no longer automatic second shot hits. In fact, they're inaccurate enough that vehicles can actually be used in combat as long as they're not too close and the enemy doesn't get lucky. This does not affect the russians’ RPG’s since they have proper training.
Last Edit: 22nd Aug 2018 by Hobbs
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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24th Aug 2018


Enemies can now be placed in bodybags and brought back to base, where you have the option to submit the body when next to the spawn pen. This gives a small amount of points and a small chance at getting intelligence with the same level of intelligence as detaining a live insurgent. This also applies to civilians that pull out concealed weapons, and those civilians can now be detained properly.

Civilians will no longer talk to you if they are handcuffed.

Pressing user action 10 will make your player shout, voice lines to be added at a later date. This will make all civilians within 20 meters  stop and get down, but will reveal your position to nearby enemies. Prior warning, arma is arma so it won’t always stop civs, much like shouting at real people.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Inactive Member
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29th Aug 2018


Created Light Mobility BAF Section. This is a lightweight modern infantry section that relies on vehicles for their supplies, so an IRL version of the common public playstyle. The IC and 2IC can spawn a special WMIK that is ready filled with ammunition, medical supplies and tools, and also comes with a vehicle radio as spare. The end result is a section with something approaching a realistic amount of ammunition and supplies on their person, with a decent amount to resupply from with the vehicles. This section is present on all the modern insurgency missions.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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31st Aug 2018

Deployment Mode: Players can spawn in as a platoon commander or sergeant when there is more than a single active infantry section on the server. This will dynamically switch the mission into a more conventional operation format, where the platoon commander will be presented with a trio of objectives and the mission will complete when they are done. The standard public point system will not exist during this time, you cannot score points or view the points. There's no behind the scenes stuff necessary from management, everything is naturally emergent and dynamic. Available on the modern insurgency missions.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Inactive Member
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5th Oct 2018

Added open bolt mechanic. Open bolt weapons are usually not used on point in breaching situations IRL because they can jam without firing a round if the bolt has an obstruction on the way to the chamber. I’ve made a script to model this now and it’s active on the minimi and the GPMG. It won’t happen often, but it will be enough to seriously discourage machinegunners and autoriflemen using their primary weapons to clear buildings.

New burst mechanic. Weapons that only have fully automatic capability will now be ineffective when trying to fire at targets with only a single shot. This applies to vehicle and infantry weapons. The minimi’s previous accuracy modification has been revoked so it’s much more accurate now, provided it’s being fired in bursts.

Apache changes. The apache is now significantly more maneuverable, but it takes slightly longer to stabilise altitude changes. The chain gun’s accuracy has been reduced to realistic levels.

Players can now press user action 10 in insurgency missions to shout a warning to nearby civilians. If there’s noone around then no sound will come out and nothing will happen, and there’s a timeout on it as well to stop abuse. This will stop all civs within a fairly large radius from running around for a decent amount of time, but it will also alert all enemies within an even larger radius of where you are.

New armour crew system. The group now consists of 4 people but needs a minimum of 2. The spawner adjusts what you can spawn depending on how many people in the group, so you’ll have 2 man vehicles when you have 2 or 4 people and then 3 man vehicles at 3. An FV432 or a GPMG Bulldog will always be available that can be manned by 1. The idea behind this is that an armour crew can combine multiple vehicles to suit a mission, for example 3 in a Warrior and 1 in a Bulldog GPMG, or go ham and just take 4 bulldogs to transport up to 32 infantry in the most secure fashion possible.

Mechanised sections. In domination and insurgency missions where the terrain is viable, british mechanised sections have been added. These are clearly marked on the rolesheet and consist of 6 infantry, 2 armour crewmen and an armour commander. This has been designed to be just as completely fluid as a regular section in terms of what role people can pick, and it uses the same armour spawn system as the regular armour crew. Crewmen do have the ability to spawn a Bulldog or FV432 depending on era, but commanders have a better variety.

Light mobility UK forces can now choose to spawn Mastiffs instead of WMIKs. They are similarly loaded with supplies.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Inactive Member
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13th Nov 2018

ADDED: New artillery system: the enemy having hyper accurate artillery with no need for correction was getting on my nerves, so I built a little system to add in error margins and learning rates on each gun. This is done independently from the base attack/reinforcements ‘events’, so if the AI decides to fire on you on their own initiative then they’ll use this as well.

Now enemy artillery will initially land off target and become more and more accurate over multiple fire missions. A section could see some mortars land 200 meters away and think nothing of it, but the next fire mission could be 150 meters away or much closer, and so on. They will also overcorrect occasionally. If there are other guns nearby they’ll work alongside them, and widen their spread slightly to cover a wider area with the higher volume of fire. They also have a natural spread now instead of putting every shell on the same position. Put simply, they are now threatening in a more realistic manner.

ADDED: Heavy weapon AI adjustment system, similar to the artillery system. Weapons that rely on correct ranging will no longer be automatically perfectly ranged by the AI. This includes tank guns, anti air guns, SPG’s, GMG’s, autocannons and coaxial machineguns. They learn from their mistakes and can overcorrect like with the artillery system, and if there are other vehicles of the same type nearby then they’ll communicate with each other and use each others’ shots to adjust quicker. This does not affect ATGM’s. The purpose of this system is also similar to the artillery system, to make the weapons threatening in a more realistic manner. By extension of this, it will allow us to go up against heavier threats, my main idea being GMG’s since that’s the only thing we don’t face already.
Last Edit: 13th Nov 2018 by Hobbs
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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19th Nov 2018

ADJUSTED: The Polish needed a major upgrade to survive against armour in our new balance of modern domination, so they’ve received a few new trinkets:

1: Command roles can spawn a cargo truck, which comes with a box worth of ammunition already loaded.
2: Command roles can spawn a TOW launcher which can be carried and assembled by a pair of infantry. It comes with 3 TOW-2A direct attack missiles, 1 Bunker Buster and also has a thermal imaging system.

The British and American sections have have got their Javelins back, but in limited quantity. Instead of being at the main ammobox in unlimited quantity, a launcher box is spawned in with a CLU and tube by the commander/2ic, and extra tubes can be spawned with a heavy cooldown to reflect how expensive/effective they are. This can only be done when there are 4 or more players in the section.

Speaking of the new armour balance, testing has gone well on Rosche so we’re migrating the new mix of modern armour to the other modern missions. The only exception to this is the BMP-3, which could fire 3 ATGM’s in 10 seconds and has now been removed. 

This marks the start of a new testing session for enemy, with middle eastern domination units. These units will remain russian infantry for the moment but using lighter, faster vehicles with SPG’s, GMG’s and ATGM launchers mounted on UAZ’s with heavier support being provided by armed Vodniks and Urals. This new force composition is being tested on the new Anizay domination mission.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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28th Nov 2018

The modern Russian T90 and T72’s now have a working simulation of the Arena active protection system (APS). This system incorporates a series of fired directional charges that destroy incoming rockets. It has a catchment rate of about 50% which drops sharply inside 100 meters and is effective against all launchers including Javelin, and the system notifies the crew of where the threat came from as well. However, once the charge facing in a particular direction has been fired, the APS will no longer be able to stop incoming threats that come from that direction. The system has a 300 degree arc of coverage with 15 charges housed in the turret. It chooses the charge based on where the rocket is, relative to the turret, and does not replenish charges once spent.

Pro tip: 40mm grenades will trigger a false positive and make it use its charges early, and it cannot distinguish between HE and flare/smoke. Since the system is housed in the turret it has the advantage of being able to give itself 360 degree protection if it’s facing the turret to the rear and has all its strongest armour at the front, but this gives it the disadvantage of quickly using up its frontal charge if the turret is pointing toward you. It does pose a threat to nearby infantry when the charge detonates, but the system in use IRL uses a shaped charge pointing either straight down or straight up to minimise this, so the result is that infantry aren’t much more at risk from the APS than if the rocket/grenade you were firing was to detonate anyway. It is still modelled though, so you could fake out the system with a 40mm smoke and get the tank’s own APS to harm its infantry if they are standing too close.

Tanks and other armoured vehicles will now launch smoke when being engaged, either using the turret launchers if the turret is facing near the correct direction or the exhaust smoke mixer if the threat is within its effective arc. Tanks with an APS system will deploy the turret smoke much quicker with automatic activation on detection of incoming rockets. If you launch a missile from really far away and they’re looking in your direction already, they’ll see the missile and attempt to evade with smoke and movement, instead of just waiting 30 seconds for that TOW to come in from 2.5km away. If it’s outside of the tank’s effective range, it will also move to close the gap on you. They can also get spooked by close range attacks if they come from a place they weren’t expecting and will occasionally force themselves to reposition as a result of that, so if a tank is in a tricky spot you might be able to trick it into moving with some HE. It will also usually move to face the front of the hull toward you if it thinks that is necessary.

These changes were all done to acclimate the enemy armoured vehicles closer to the playstyle we commonly use, and use real life technology to aid in our own game balance. Long range missile attacks are particularly common among players and the enemy previously didn’t have much defence against it, and sections that use the more asymmetrical playstyle of ambushes, landmines and well placed detonation charges now have a few more tools to use.

Siege has also benefited from these additions. The armoured vehicles now use smoke/APS where possible, and will no longer rock straight up to the base wall as they previously did, instead choosing to watch and engage from further out. This was their biggest weak point previously, and having them loiter will make for more realistic mechanized assaults against the players.

The insurgents have a new toy, inspired by recent footage out of Syria showing lightened anti aircraft guns on single fire and mounted on pickups. Our insurgents will now have access to something similar, a 20mm cannon with single fire that can engage players from up to 2km from the back of a pickup truck. It’s not overly lethal if players act quickly, but if they stick around long enough for the enemy to get its range sorted then the shrapnel can cause havoc. It’s also really loud when it fires, you can’t miss it.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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30th Nov 2018

Spare barrels are now available to those who may want one (MG’s, AR’s, assistants, 2IC’s) in the base ammobox and the section resupply ammoboxes that players get from the spawner. You can swap barrels by ace self interacting and checking the equipment section. This is not particularly useful for domination or insurgency, but on siege we regularly have hot barrels causing more of a problem than they need to, so these will help with that.

TOW launchers now carry a full complement of TOW 2A missiles, dropping the 2B and BB variants. This is because the 2B’s and BB’s are crap. This applies to the tripod mounted and the Humvee mounted variants.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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17th Jan 2019

The new CUP update has made a huge improvement to the G36 series of rifles, so the german Bundeswehr infantry have now been made available as a playable faction for the modern era missions. I’ve also done custom config to make them compatible with JSRS for people using JSRS with the TWC_Compatibility optional.

Also thanks to the new CUP update, the 90’s US have received a major upgrade. They now have a desert variant that reflects one of the better equipped units during operation desert storm.

Unfortunately however the update also seems to have broken the SPG’s we use in insurgency, so for the moment they have been replaced with trucks sporting concealed AGS-30’s. Blame CUP.

A test is going in that aims to encourage seeding servers and giving players the chance to try out a larger variety of roles while retaining the teamwork we strive for. On an empty server, the first players to connect now have open access to any attachment role. The restrictions for each attachment are still in effect, so for example an FST still needs a team of at least 3 to function. The game will tell you what you need when you load into an attachment slot. This will give players the chance to try out some of the attachments and hopefully get the server populated more often. This is implemented in domination and insurgency, siege has never had playercount restrictions on attachments.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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21st Jan 2019

3CB’s new MAN trucks have been implemented into our modern domination and insurgency missions. We’ll be using the 6x6 HX58 variant, and they’ve already received a physics pass by myself to polish them off. The armour has been tested as well but didn’t require changing, 3CB has done a really good job of this vehicle.

We have 3 subvariants of the HX58. First is the cargo variant, of which there are 3 on base. These have a flat bed and can mount containers (more on this later) or vehicles. Unfortunately our Humvees are a bit too big for it, but WMIK’s, Wolf’s, and quad bikes all fit on with no problem.

Next is the troop variant. It has seats for 22 and there’s one on base. I don’t see this being used often since we have heavy force protection vehicles like the Caiman and Mastiff in abundance, but it’s there for anyone that wants it. Technically speaking it is lighter and a bit faster than the heavy MRAP’s, but the passengers only have canvas for protection. The only potential use I could see for this is for heli pilots to get passengers into areas that are protected by AA, either in Domination or near caches/HVT’s/strongholds in insurgency.

Last up is the repair variant. As the name suggests, this is our new repair vehicle. It replaces the Wolfhound in this role, and uses the same system of an ace interaction on the vehicle with a repair ticket system that is replenished at base. The Wolfhound is sticking around however for its IED jamming capability.

The new update also comes a new container, which we are also using for our Patrol Bases and general logistics. There are 4 of these on base, and they can only be spawned by the logistics technician inside the FST, so use them wisely and don’t lose them. These can be loaded onto the flatbed trucks or slingloaded by helicopter. They have a huge carrying capacity and can even fit the light vehicles in with room to spare, including the Humvees. They can fit Jackals too, although with no room left for other supplies. When placed near a Patrol Base, they also serve as the repair point from which you can also spawn defences or utility vehicles for respawning players. As a result of this, the old vehicle ammobox that used to spawn with the PB kit is no longer in use.

While I was rooting about in the config I managed to migrate all the non-armoured vehicles over to 3CB ammunition, meaning they feed from the belts in the inventory and can take belts from other vehicles or boxes. This applies to Humvees, Mastiffs, Wolfhounds, Cougars and Caimans on top of the WMIK’s, Jackals, Panthers and the dedicated 50, 40 and 7.62 boxes available to leaders and pilots.

All in all this should be a big improvement to our logistics capability, with the aim being that, if a section is in need of something, the systems are in place to supply them with whatever they need provided players are available. This shortfall was most noticeable the night before last in Domination when we were running out of infantry ammunition but the heli couldn’t get through because of very good AA coverage by the enemy. In our new environment, the heli pilot can see that he’s essentially grounded with the AA coverage and use a truck instead to ferry troops or supplies in. This also alleviates all those times we’ve run out of belts in a US vehicle or Mastiff and haven’t been able to resupply it without taking it back to base.
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15th Feb 2019

A new system for mechanised troops has been made with the introduction of an MTP beltkit from CBA. With a bit of jimmying this now has multiple camo variants and fits over your armour as a backpack, which gives mechanised and light mobility troops a little bit more storage space. This also helps units that don’t carry backpacks in their regular forms such as early era riflemen and GPMG gunners.

Speaking of early eras, the 90’s and 00’s units have had another equipment rejig. The 90’s desert units now resemble that of the gulf war combat units, whereas they previously emulated patrol and guard units. The main difference here is that they now have flak jackets. The woodland units resemble british infantry during the KFOR period, which involves webbing and backpacks but no flak jacket unless they’re crewmen.

The 00’s units have received a similar treatment, now resembling one of the more well equipped elements during the UOR period. The main takeaway here is that every unit has body armour now, whereas before some of the heavier units were missing out previously.

The LAW 80 is being added to 90’s british ammoboxes for domination. This adorable little rocketsausage gives us the ability to face heavy armour within the 90’s era without the need of TOW or Milans. To commemorate/test our 90’s domination I’ve made a new domination mission on Rosche with 90’s.

In other news, Zargabad has received a modern insurgency mission with a base in the north.
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1st Mar 2019

Public changelogs will now be viewable from the ingame LOCSTAT folder next to every base ammobox, as it just makes more sense for them to be there instead of here, and I can update them much more frequently. As such, public changes will no longer be posted here unless they affect the user experience prior to joining the game, such as new missions, factions or critical fixes.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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7th Apr 2019

Server crashes

I think I’ve nailed down our server crashes to the usage of the invisible target objects that were recently introduced by the CBA update. The game doesn’t mind loading objects with no geometry on the clientside (which is why it never showed up while testing) but on the server it wigs out. We’re using this on siege at the moment to increase engagement range and there was a small scale test on insurgency and domination that used it too, which has since been removed. It’ll take a little time to remove these from siege however because they were used quite extensively, so I’d recommend the other missions for the next couple of weeks.

New Faction: USMC 2000

This is a 13 man squad following a similar format to modern USMC with 3 fireteams under a squad lead. IRL implementation varied greatly, we’re going for a middle ground at the moment where every guy gets a weapon but not the new coyote armour and no FST so no M240. These guys emulate the units fighting in fallujah through 2004, where desert camouflage kit was not widely available so they often mixed and matched like our Royal Marines 90’s section. This section is currently available on all 2000 insurgency missions, they will be integrated into domination in time.

New Faction: Modern SAS

More a forcetype than a faction, we’re starting a small scale test of SF purely for public on a very rare basis. It’s been frustrating me for years that not a single game has ever done SF ‘right’ in my book, a similar annoyance that I had with regular infantry before joining TWC. After chatting with Bose (pestering him for literally years) we’ve come to an agreement on an acceptable testing scenario to ensure that it can shine if it’s good and it won’t cause too much damage if it’s bad. With all that out of the way, here’s how we’re doing it:

It’s an attachment of 8 people that requires a minimum of 4, which will increase to 6 after a bedding in period. 4 is already more than the FST’s 3 (and that’s barely used because of it, intentionally so) so this will very much be a blue moon scenario. The intention of this is to require teamwork and good leadership as a prerequisite to starting the team, and to fit in with our progression mechanics in the game that award assets to certain combinations and coordinations of players, like Warriors and Apaches. The final reason is to skip the regular section filling system. This means we create an environment where the player will never be forced to join an SF section if they don’t want to. This section is only available on Zargabad insurgency modern for this test, which is among our smallest missions.

The equipment is standard affair for what you’d expect, L119A2 rifles (5.56 AR pattern) with a shortened CQB variant for the Pointman and a 7.62 rifle for the Marksman. Section leaders can get suppressors for the team from the spawner if the mission is over halfway complete. There’s not really anything particularly fancy about them aside from that, no drones or heartbeat sensors or magical IKEA flatpack AC130’s. They can resupply off of a standard BAF ammo crate and their primary vehicle, the Jackal, is already freely available on base with the ability to spawn Coyotes like with the light mobility section’s WMIKs/Mastiffs that are preloaded with supplies. We’re not currently aiming to emulate the Syrian conflict at the moment because no regular forces are situated there, so no MRZR’s are planned at the moment. The conditions for this changing are that our modern era actually simulates the present day (not planned) or if a UKSF section gets integrated into domination, which is more likely but also not planned at the moment. The reason it’s not planned is because I don’t have a viable design for it that enhances teamwork with other sections, and I have no interest in lone wolf attachments.

New Faction: 2000 SAS

These guys remained ghetto for a little while after the introduction of Osprey body armour because of its excessive weight, so they have a similarly mismatched look as the 90’s Royal Marines as a result. They use the L119A1 rifle (another 5.56 AR pattern, essentially a C8) and were active both in assault and patrol capacities. They also have the ability to spawn Jackals in the same fashion as the modern group’s Coyotes. This section is only available on Takistan 2000 insurgency and Reshmaan 2000 insurgency.

FYI ACE increases heat buildup when using a suppressor. It’s not enough to make a difference in short engagements, but in longer fights I’d recommend taking it off if you don’t need it, otherwise the weapon will start to jam and lose accuracy with heat buildup. It’s also not the cod-style stealth magic that you might think it is, but I’ll leave you to learn that for yourselves.
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19th Apr 2019

Fix for players being unable to join already formed attachments. If the team was formed legitimately (so that the players can actually function) then it is marked in the server and people can join it long after its terms can no longer be met. For example, if an FST is formed with 3 people at a total playercount of 20 and then the playercount drops to 10, a player can still join the existing FST even though the playercount is not high enough to support the formation of a new team. This only works on insurgency at the moment as it has a few moving parts and needs to be tested thoroughly.

Fix for caches not triggering points/markers when destroyed. There is some minor guesswork involved in this which resulted in some false positives in server testing last week, but these have since been tuned out and I am fairly confident. It would very much be preferable if killed eventhandlers worked on these but it is what it is.

The ingame news has not proven to be informative enough over time to serve the purposes of a full changelog, so this thread will be resuming with the collection of notable changes as before. The ingame news will also be used for things that are relevant at the time of reading. With that in mind, here are the major notable changes that have occured since the last changelog:

Heli pilots

Heli pilots can now spawn at any playercount. The catch, however, is that a section commander must be online. Crew chiefs require 2 section commanders before they can spawn. Mathematically speaking it is therefore possible to coordinate in such a way to have both heli crew members active with only 4 people online, though this would require more effort to exploit the system than it’s worth.

The helis they can spawn are now also based on mission completion percentage. The specifics vary and are too regularly modified to be worth recording here, but the general idea is that no pilot controlled weaponry is spawnable in the early stages of the mission to mitigate the commonplace issue of heli pilots getting bored and lone wolfing.


The small scale implementation of an SF attachment is going well, and its early popularity as the new shiny thing is helping it bed in quicker. Dozens of changes have been made so far to all aspects of the team in order to get it working just right.

The spawnable Jackals/Coyotes now come with a fire support weapon in their inventory on top of all the ammo they had previously. This comes in the form of either a Minimi or a GPMG.

On the cosmetic front, I’ve also made custom textures for the rifles since we didn’t have anything close to matching camo. While I was at it I made a version of the painted nose some L85RIS’s have sported, which are not visible yet because they look a bit fugly. These need some some improvement when I get a decent amount of time, but for a first foray into texture creation it’ll pass for the moment.


If you are killed in combat, you will lose a large portion of your ammunition upon respawning. This applies to magazines and grenades but not medical supplies. This is intended to encourage only taking what you need out with you, and relying on 2IC’s and vehicles for ammo muling while placing value upon the lives of those 2IC’s and vehicles.

Speaking of ammo, the base ammobox no longer contains infinite ammunition. General amounts have been increased to balance this, and the result is that rare equipment is actually more rare because it can’t be duplicated by the box. The 1up here is to increase dependence on certain roles slightly, so the medic will always have more bandages, riflemen will always have more mags etc. Section leaders and subleaders can still spawn ammoboxes at their leisure, so it increases dependence on them too as well as any pilots responsible for their transport.
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30th Apr 2019

Kill Screen

The kill screen is now available at the mission debriefing screen as the last page. Unfortunately this is only accessible if the mission itself ends rather than you leaving, and I don’t think it counts your past kills if you leave and rejoin. It is, however, better than nothing, and it is informative for shorter missions or on larger playercounts where multiple missions can get done in one night.

AI behaviour changes

I’ve made a rudimentary survival instinct system for AI. They no longer stand completely still on strongholds, and they will (hopefully) seek cover and garrison buildings naturally across the board when under fire. The end goal is to encourage rear guard in cqb and overwatch as well as make the AI behave more intelligently. The issue was that overwatch in particular was a case of getting to a high place, clearing the enemies you can see, then sitting around while the assaulting team goes in or switching to another angle for more. Now, however, the enemies will move around a lot more and make overwatch/rear guard more active. In siege this will also benefit in that enemies will no longer run toward the base like lambs to the slaughter, but instead will skip from cover to cover and gradually get closer.

There’s also a new suppression system in for AI. This makes a major change to how effective suppression is against the AI, and makes the section much more effective if the MG’s are effectively suppressing. When faced with overwhelming fire the AI will now give up his position, give up shooting and run to a new position. In testing this has made a big difference to firefights, as the balance can swing one way or another depending on which section is suppressing more. This is effectively a balancing measure against the blurring suppression system for players, as previously the AI only became less accurate rather than firing less, which effectively made suppressing pointless since we’d be in cover anyway. Now however, a section of players can get suppressed, put out overwhelming fire in response and lessen the enemy fire enough that they’re not suppressed anymore.

Minor base changes

There’s a set of new firing ranges on reshmaan insurgency modern. Nothing fancy, just something to do while waiting at base for whatever. The CQB course uses live targets and has the option of mixing in civilians as well.

Mission changes

Al Jahrah Domination has been removed. Nothing against it, but it’s a difficult one and it’s most commonly picked in error by new guys who end up stuck in the desert.


SF testing is still progressing nicely. An SF team is now available on Reshmaan modern insurgency as well as Zargabad modern and a first implementation has just been added to Rosche domination.

The domination test is aiming to emulate what UKSF is doing in Syria at the moment. This consists of Bushmaster IMV/Escapade MRAP’s, MRZR’s and some toyota WMIK type things providing long range anti-armour support with the use of Javelins. SF leaders have the ability to spawn MRZR’s and Caiman MRAP’s and the marksman functions much like the marksman in the regular BAF section with the heavy AT, except for having a Javelin instead of an NLAW.

In theory the composition of the section means it’ll be best used by working directly alongside/slightly ahead of regular sections using the Javelin to eliminate armour on ingress then taking rear cover when moving closer. It would be pointless for SF to try and go in alone because their Javelin cover wouldn’t affect whatever route the other sections take, and they don’t have anything suitable for dealing with infantry on anything more than a self defence scale.
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6th May 2019

German Optics

A few people have issues with the 3D dual optic system on the G36, so each member of the bundeswehr now has access to a version with a low power ACOG on top. This has lower zoom than the default G36 but will really help guys that have been having trouble with the 3D optics.

Domination Counterattacks

Alongside the aerial type counterattacks that are already available to the enemy (various combinations of paradrop/mi8/mi24/mi28) there is now the possibility of land based counterattack. This is only possible on Rosche and Ruha modern currently. The enemy has access to Kamaz trucks, Tigr’s, BRDM’s, BMP’s, BTR’s and T90’s, which it will use to aggressively flank and press up against player positions. This will also happen occasionally against the base, with the game making sure that there are enough people in base to actually deal with it as well as notifying the players that an attack is incoming if it’s headed for base.

This also comes with a rudimentary system for balancing against higher playercounts. The cooldown between available enemy reinforcements decreases slightly as the playercount rises, so there’s a bit more challenge to go up against the extra players. This is, of course, mitigated completely by destroying the command vehicle.

Other Changes

The CQB variant of the L119A2 now fires a bit faster and repairing vehicles from the spawner no longer resets their inventory. A potential fix has also gone in for mechanised spawning on Domination sometimes allowing weird choices. The Jackal also now has slightly less grip, meaning it can't put quite as much force on the road to tip itself over at speed.
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15th May 2019

Enemies, particularly enemy vehicles, are now much more aggressive toward players. This makes the most difference on Domination, server testing yesterday yielded some meaty engagements with a Shilka at 800m and offline testing showed BMP 2’s and T-72’s willing to engage a single dismounted player at the max testing range of 2.3km. I strongly suspect this will require more prevalence of Javelins and other AT weapons as a balance measure, which will be done if it turns out to be the case.

Thanks to a suggestion by Aleyboy there’s now a teleport system on Rosche domination modern and 2000. This is a first test implementation and will propagate to whatever other missions need it in time. This allows a fixed wing team to be present on maps where the main base isn’t the airbase. All the jet pilot needs to do is go to the spawner on base and select teleport to airbase and he’ll be sent there, and the option is available at the spawner at the airbase to return to the main base. Infantry can go there too to load up for paradrops, and the jet pilot can spawn ammo on the airbase to paradrop from planes.

Speaking of Rosche modern, there’s now a Mastiff with a GMG at base. The Mastiff is actually a very capable vehicle in Domination, especially on flatter maps, and the GMG is a natural evolution of that. I also noticed recently that since the CRAM is no longer used for air defence, the enemy sees the main base as open season and wrecks shop while the players are out. Air defences have now been added.

The T-90 that was being used for counterattacks has been swapped for a T-80. The main difference is that the T-90 has APS and I forgot how difficult that makes them. Having a troop of 3 of these things with thermal optics, RWS and APS running you down is just too much.

Our first week of SF testing on Domination was notably mediocre compared to insurgency’s success. They now have access to a TOW launcher like the Polish section and can spawn unlimited Javelin tubes to support themselves and any other sections that can use them, but the original intention of giving them the ability to punch through enemy armoured defences is proving more difficult due to APS and the general movement/reinforcement of the enemy armoured units. Work will continue on this in the hope of finding a place for them inside Domination, but they will be removed if this doesn’t work out as its popularity with players means it doesn’t give room for other, potentially more useful attachments to get used.

New ammoboxes have been created that have sensible storage capacities to prevent exploiting the cargo capacity of vehicles by loading all launchers into a single tardis box and then loading the box. The benefit of this is that each box is named, so the ACE cargo will now display which rockets are which. This is also now the case for the 50 cal, 40mm and 7.62 ammoboxes, but it will not be happening for the regular infantry ammoboxes as their requirements change too often to maintain. As was the case for the main base ammobox being adjusted, this now allows more general spawning of equipment since it can’t be exploited as much. The first example of this is the Javelin tube spawn cooldown being reduced from 1 hour to 15 minutes, and the other cooldowns will be reduced or potentially removed later on.

There’s a new country switching system for attachments in testing. Back in the old days we had an option for sniper teams to switch country and get their kit, for example switch to US and get an M40. It wasn’t a particularly well used or even well known mechanic, but I intend to make a similar system to this for each attachment. That means US/Polish/UK armour crews and heli crews and american FST, SF and JTAC alongside UK/US sniper teams. These are worse in basically every scenario as british use better equipment in general (US don’t use magnified optics often for SF, FST is the same except for extra M240 and don’t use coyote, L115 is better in optics and ammo capability than M40/M24) but aesthetics are important to some people and, since I’m nearing completion on my major issues (consistent playercount, cutting on exploits, balance through realism, dynamic combat flow) I have time to work on the more superficial things. The first implementation of this will be for FST and the sniper team. FST in particular is pretty neat on the US side, they get CROWS MRAPs.

A first test of PVP is going into the insurgency missions. This is very much intended for the enhancement of the blufor players’ experiences rather than any kind of competition, and only a few select people even have access to the option. Even then, there needs to be at least 13 people for 3 people to become enemies, and then 3 more slots open up when there are more than 23 players on the server. These players will have access to the standard affair of insurgent weapons, and will also be given some information on cache locations. How they decide to use this is up to them, just be warned that a civilian coming up to say hi might have some ulterior motive to telling you where that sweet cache is. Also, if they find it themselves they’ll have access to the ammo, IED’s and RPG rockets that lay within.

Taking enemy players captive is possible, but treat this the same as forcing a blufor player to be in a similarly boring situation. Get it done quick or tell the player to respawn. Enemy players are free to respawn themselves if they feel players are intentionally keeping them locked up for the purpose of wasting their time.

For the guys that do get access to the enemy system, you’ll have an option when ace interacting with the base ammobox to switch to enemy and what class to pick (rifleman, MG, RPG, grenadier, medic, sniper) and it will then teleport you to a town that is at least 2km from any blufor player. You’ll then be told where you’ve arrived, and given the option to spawn a car at your location using ace self interaction, again provided there are no blufor units within 2km of your position. If you find yourself stuck in a town being overwatched by blufor with no ride out, you’re on your own. This only does unarmed vehicles currently, this will likely change in time. When you die or get captured you respawn in a town that’s as near to 2km from the nearest blufor as possible without being closer than 2km, with a random loadout.

There are some house rules to being an enemy:
1: No taking blufor uniforms. Armour is allowed for the moment
2: No ramming enemy vehicles to glitch them out
3: No taking, tinkering with or using blufor vehicles when blufor are obviously still in the town. If they’ve abandoned the town and left the vehicles behind then go for it, but if it’s a situation where they would be guarded in a perfect scenario then leave them be.
4: This applies to base as well. In a perfect world we’d have AI blufor base defence but the game just isn’t that solid, so don’t go there. Firing at players inside base from far outside and setting IED’s/roadblocks/ambushes on the roads leading out of it however is completely fine and encouraged.
5: Taking weapons, grenades, medical supplies and explosives from blufor players is allowed, but be warned that your throwing isn’t as good as you’re used to. This applies to shooting as well. If you’re going to take radios then switch them to another channel and only use it for your own guys, because getting new guys to switch channel to get on the blufor/section net would be a pain.
6: Don’t kill other insurgents to get their stuff, but if you see a dead one already then feel free. This also applies to launchers. There’s no chance of them detonating on picking them up or carrying them as if you were blufor, but there is still a (smaller) chance they will self detonate upon firing, so be sparing.
7: When you become enemy you block off the role you had to other players. Reslot before switching if you’re a medic, command role or any kind of attachment or pilot.

Edit: Blank roles have been added to the rolesheets of missions where enemy players are supported (all non-woodland insurgency missions of every era). you'll receive a little chat message in the bottom left when first spawning to let you know you can use it if you want.
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18th May 2019

Our first day of PVP insurgency testing on thursday went well, but required some massaging by management that shouldn’t be necessary. The main issue was that enemy players weren’t able to navigate toward blufor players, partially because of a bug in the system that chose the insurgent spawn position but mostly because the intel coming in was too infrequent and often inaccurate. Enemy players now have access to a suite of functions from their self interact menu including (very) approximate enemy intel, the car spawning, self healing and the ability to change their loadout. These are only accessible when further than 2km from any enemy or the base (with the exception of the enemy intel which is accessible from about 500m, but is intentionally inaccurate and doesn’t give bearings or precise distances). This basically negates what was previously the need for enemy players to respawn after an engagement because they’d either been wounded beyond what their extremely limited medical supplies could manage or because they ran out of ammunition. I’ve also swapped out the RPG for the more accurate variant and increased the amount of grenades available to the grenadier.

A little clarity as to the enemy insurgents’ role: They’re there to make a more dynamic battle by doing what the AI can’t. This means flanking, suppressing and ambushing. They’re not obligated to act as a civ at any point, and once the initial testing phase is over they’ll only speak and understand a language in acre that only an interpreter can understand. RP isn’t for everyone, so this constricts any potential for that down to just the one willing blufor player and lets the other guys do their thing.

Also a little note to the insurgent players: rear security is boring, and people rarely do it because you’re watching a blank area for 99% of the time which just isn’t fun. If you’re going to sneak up behind people, engage them from afar rather than getting right up close. This also applies to any other close engagement scenario; if the players aren’t pushing up on you then engage from afar rather than poking up right next to them or close behind them. In future I’ll stick in some sort of system that makes enemy players make a noise when blufor gets close, but for the moment just use your judgement. I’ve also removed the ability for player insurgents to plant their own IED’s.

The mission status message will be getting an upgrade soon. It will display how many players are on the server, how many are blufor and how many of them are in base, as well as if there is a platoon commander or heli pilot active. It will also give you a bearing and range to base to help players get home if needed.
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