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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Management
Likes 912
28th May

There’s a new BLUFOR intel option in your self interact, currently in testing on insurgency. This will give you a distance and bearing to the furthest player from base that isn’t with you. This means that players can link up with others without the need for gps, map reading skills, or even a map and radio. If this proves useful it will be a big step toward more realistic low tech sections such as ANA, as well as cold war era missions. Speaking of which . . .


Maps and section radios have been removed from the ANA. The IC, 2IC and interpreter still retain their maps, and the IC still has his long range radio. We know from the past that combat without radios is possible, so it was just a case of waiting for a viable method of letting people find each other. The ANA is a lite version of the low-techness of a cold war mission, since every other section can help them. There's also a cold war test in on Ruha but this is not going well currently due to the expected issues of players running off from their commander and getting stranded, section commanders dying and leaving their section stranded, and players simply being unable to read. Each of these has caused players to be left in the middle of nowhere for hours at a time, so the cold war test is so far unsuccessful outside of utopian conditions.


You can now go up to any of the popup targets (only on reshmaan insurgeny modern at the moment) and self interact to start a competition shoot. You can also do this by aiming down sights at a target and self interacting from there. This is super simple, just get to the distance you choose (5,10,20,30, 60, 100m) and then fire 5 shots into the target when you hear the beep. The system logs your run, reaction, shoot and total time along with your hit rate, shot count and firemode, and broadcasts it to nearby players. You can stack the shoots, but you can only stack the same range on the same target once. You could do 2 shoots on a single target at every distance for example but you can’t do 3 x 5m shoots on the same target for example. You engage the targets in the order you selected the shoots. John Wick or Jerry Miculek larpers can aim down sights at a target then ace self interact to cycle between a 1-shot or 5-shot mode instead of a 2-shot. It’s a racing minigame and help me I’m addicted.


Player aggressors no longer have the ability to spawn on the patrol base. As you can imagine, these systems were not originally designed with pvp in mind so there have been some kinks to work out. I am unable to hide the forward base map markers from aggressors however due to an engine limitation. Players are invincible when spawning however and enemy players will not be able to respawn nearby, so there’s not a lot of point in aggressors directly attacking a patrol base. Aggressors also do not have the ability to take down or destroy the patrol base. So far pvp testing is going better than I expected, if no critical issues show up it may be here to stay for a while.

I'm the public server manager. I might forget to remove that from this signature when I inevitably go insane.

Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Management
Likes 912
8th Jun

Command Roles

Players who lead full/near full sections in the public server will now be added to a list of good eggs. Players in this list can start attachments without a playercount restriction. The individual attachment restrictions still apply, so you still need 2 people for a sniper team for example. Commanders are logged by the server when the section gets over 6 people.


Insurgent players’ avatars will now whisper when near blufor players. It’s quiet enough that it can barely be heard above engines or conversation, but it can be heard from a fair distance if players are listening carefully. Should help with getting snuck up on.

Civilian Traffic

There’s now a civilian traffic system on insurgency. Civilian driving is atrocious, but I’ve built several different systems to try and make sure that players see their mistakes as rarely as possible. The end result is that the more open maps have a lot more life to them, and player aggressors can seamlessly blend in with the surrounding traffic to navigate in a more realistic manner.

I'm the public server manager. I might forget to remove that from this signature when I inevitably go insane.

Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Management
Likes 912
13th Jun

Enemy aggressors now speak pashto and can hear but not understand english. Likewise, blufor players can hear aggressors speaking but not understand them. The golden goose is the interpreter, they can understand both languages without issue. They speak english by default, but can switch to speaking pashto with the cycle babel key. The ANA can speak english but not pashto, because the alternatives are either realistic (Dari or pastho, can maybe understand insurgents but definitely not blufor) or geniuses where they can all understand pashto and english, leading to exploits where people start duplicating radios when the terp dies.

Now that the languages have been set up, enemy aggressors have been given radios. These are tuned by default to the enemy frequency that the interpreter needs to pick up, and aggressors have no access to the intel network if they’re not on this channel. This means they cannot get location info from their self interact on blue forces and they will not be notified when blufor enters a town. This raises the stakes across the board, it would be near impossible for aggressors to find blufor without being on the main enemy channel and the interpreter can listen in undetected as aggressors try and coordinate. If aggressors realise there’s an interpreter active however the aggressors will likely change pattern and target the terp.

ANA have been given their radios back. I also remembered I had a placeholder warhead in the OG7 anti infantry rocket that goes in the RPG7, which has now had its proper warhead added in. The old one was the HE head off the Carl Gustav, which was bigger than the og7.

On the subject of the Carl Gustav I’ve made the FFV401 area defence munition, affectionately known as the meat grinder. It’s a high density flechette round that is currently in service with US special forces. It has an effective range of 100 meters, but you can get lucky above that. We have access to it as UKSF in domination, and will get it in insurgency after the next RHS update.

I'm the public server manager. I might forget to remove that from this signature when I inevitably go insane.

Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Management
Likes 912
14th Jun

I forgot to mention I've also made the armour on the T72, T90 and Shilka weaker to reflect what they can do against our weapons irl. This doesn't affect the tanks that much since they have APS, but once you're through it they won't be as stubborn

I'm the public server manager. I might forget to remove that from this signature when I inevitably go insane.

Forum » Public Server » Public Server Announcements
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