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Public Changelog
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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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28th May 2019

There’s a new BLUFOR intel option in your self interact, currently in testing on insurgency. This will give you a distance and bearing to the furthest player from base that isn’t with you. This means that players can link up with others without the need for gps, map reading skills, or even a map and radio. If this proves useful it will be a big step toward more realistic low tech sections such as ANA, as well as cold war era missions. Speaking of which . . .


Maps and section radios have been removed from the ANA. The IC, 2IC and interpreter still retain their maps, and the IC still has his long range radio. We know from the past that combat without radios is possible, so it was just a case of waiting for a viable method of letting people find each other. The ANA is a lite version of the low-techness of a cold war mission, since every other section can help them. There's also a cold war test in on Ruha but this is not going well currently due to the expected issues of players running off from their commander and getting stranded, section commanders dying and leaving their section stranded, and players simply being unable to read. Each of these has caused players to be left in the middle of nowhere for hours at a time, so the cold war test is so far unsuccessful outside of utopian conditions.


You can now go up to any of the popup targets (only on reshmaan insurgeny modern at the moment) and self interact to start a competition shoot. You can also do this by aiming down sights at a target and self interacting from there. This is super simple, just get to the distance you choose (5,10,20,30, 60, 100m) and then fire 5 shots into the target when you hear the beep. The system logs your run, reaction, shoot and total time along with your hit rate, shot count and firemode, and broadcasts it to nearby players. You can stack the shoots, but you can only stack the same range on the same target once. You could do 2 shoots on a single target at every distance for example but you can’t do 3 x 5m shoots on the same target for example. You engage the targets in the order you selected the shoots. John Wick or Jerry Miculek larpers can aim down sights at a target then ace self interact to cycle between a 1-shot or 5-shot mode instead of a 2-shot. It’s a racing minigame and help me I’m addicted.


Player aggressors no longer have the ability to spawn on the patrol base. As you can imagine, these systems were not originally designed with pvp in mind so there have been some kinks to work out. I am unable to hide the forward base map markers from aggressors however due to an engine limitation. Players are invincible when spawning however and enemy players will not be able to respawn nearby, so there’s not a lot of point in aggressors directly attacking a patrol base. Aggressors also do not have the ability to take down or destroy the patrol base. So far pvp testing is going better than I expected, if no critical issues show up it may be here to stay for a while.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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8th Jun 2019

Command Roles

Players who lead full/near full sections in the public server will now be added to a list of good eggs. Players in this list can start attachments without a playercount restriction. The individual attachment restrictions still apply, so you still need 2 people for a sniper team for example. Commanders are logged by the server when the section gets over 6 people.


Insurgent players’ avatars will now whisper when near blufor players. It’s quiet enough that it can barely be heard above engines or conversation, but it can be heard from a fair distance if players are listening carefully. Should help with getting snuck up on.

Civilian Traffic

There’s now a civilian traffic system on insurgency. Civilian driving is atrocious, but I’ve built several different systems to try and make sure that players see their mistakes as rarely as possible. The end result is that the more open maps have a lot more life to them, and player aggressors can seamlessly blend in with the surrounding traffic to navigate in a more realistic manner.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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13th Jun 2019

Enemy aggressors now speak pashto and can hear but not understand english. Likewise, blufor players can hear aggressors speaking but not understand them. The golden goose is the interpreter, they can understand both languages without issue. They speak english by default, but can switch to speaking pashto with the cycle babel key. The ANA can speak english but not pashto, because the alternatives are either realistic (Dari or pastho, can maybe understand insurgents but definitely not blufor) or geniuses where they can all understand pashto and english, leading to exploits where people start duplicating radios when the terp dies.

Now that the languages have been set up, enemy aggressors have been given radios. These are tuned by default to the enemy frequency that the interpreter needs to pick up, and aggressors have no access to the intel network if they’re not on this channel. This means they cannot get location info from their self interact on blue forces and they will not be notified when blufor enters a town. This raises the stakes across the board, it would be near impossible for aggressors to find blufor without being on the main enemy channel and the interpreter can listen in undetected as aggressors try and coordinate. If aggressors realise there’s an interpreter active however the aggressors will likely change pattern and target the terp.

ANA have been given their radios back. I also remembered I had a placeholder warhead in the OG7 anti infantry rocket that goes in the RPG7, which has now had its proper warhead added in. The old one was the HE head off the Carl Gustav, which was bigger than the og7.

On the subject of the Carl Gustav I’ve made the FFV401 area defence munition, affectionately known as the meat grinder. It’s a high density flechette round that is currently in service with US special forces. It has an effective range of 100 meters, but you can get lucky above that. We have access to it as UKSF in domination, and will get it in insurgency after the next RHS update.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Member
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14th Jun 2019

I forgot to mention I've also made the armour on the T72, T90 and Shilka weaker to reflect what they can do against our weapons irl. This doesn't affect the tanks that much since they have APS, but once you're through it they won't be as stubborn
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Member
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6th Sep 2019

Life on the public is going well. With no known issues or bugs my latest project has been an AI behaviour modification to make them move around naturally and be affected by suppression more heavily. This has been in development for a couple months now and more information will be posted when this is done. I’m interested in hearing ideas from you guys regarding gamemodes and gameplay systems.


The enemy now has access to vehicles on insurgency. I won’t disclose which vehicles to keep people on their toes, but they will drive around in much the same manner as civilian traffic.


Clear boxes now clears every box. Be warned, it clears every box. If you spawn something like a javelin that has a cooldown and then you clear the boxes, it will not magically stop the cooldown. Load it in a vehicle before clearing. This option is restricted to command roles unless you’re in a small group to prevent accidents.

Ammunition for suppression weapons has been increased across insurgency and siege, and pistol ammunition has been increased on insurgency. Non essential kit such as smoke grenades, chemlights, cableties etc have been increased across domination and insurgency.

SF changes:

MRZR buggies have been removed in favour of MRAPs. Testing has shown the heavier forcetype results in a better combat flow. As with the other attachments, SF teams can now change nationality on insurgency by going to the spawner as the commander.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Member
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13th Sep 2019

Following a discussion in the later hours of last night I’ve implemented a couple of experimental changes to insurgency, currently restricted to insurgency reshmaan.

1: Friendly Tribes

Not all towns are hostile. Some of the areas you come across will be inhabited by armed forces that are friendly toward us. Shooting at these people (or trying to restrain them) will change their viewpoint however, and all tribes will remain hostile until the next day. If you refrain from trying to kill them all, however, you can question them in the same manner as regular civilians. These tribes are hostile toward the insurgents and, as you can imagine, there can be some friction when an insurgent patrol attempts to move through a tribal village. The proliferation of these friendly villages is dependent on enemy morale.

2: Persistent Strongholds

Strongholds are now persistent across server restarts and mission completions, and are much tougher nuts to crack. They are also all marked on the map for everyone to see and be tempted by. Over time, the enemy will also either set up new strongholds or reinforce old ones.

In time I also intend to make villages' allegiances and other factors persistent to create a world that players can feel invested in, instead of a mission picture which gets reset and thrown away regularly.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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17th Oct 2019

Sniper teams have something resembling their real night capability. It’s not possible to properly emulate this with Arma’s limitations on thermal imaging in particular so they’re still weaker than their IRL counterparts, but suffice it to say that a sniper team at night is now quite viable.


Tripwire mines are now available inside the claymore boxes after finding out they’re commonly available to regulars in defensive situations.

Insurgency Point Rebalance

The points have been rebalanced to reflect how difficult each objective currently is. HVT’s are 30, hostages are 50, caches are 100 and strongholds are 150


The enemy now has access to special forces, which will form ambushes against player positions when reinforcements are requested. This is extremely rare, not only because of how rare they are IRL compared to regular forces but because of how far out of their doctrine direct combat is. As with other reinforcements such as BTR’s, BRDM’s, Hinds, paradrops and the others, they are not possible if the HQ vehicle is destroyed.

To put it into perspective, special forces are primarily designed for:

1: Training and arming of local forces
This is the most important and most common usage of special forces. Dating back to commandos in WW2 arming and training the French Resistance, notable occurrences since have been CIA/SOG arming and training the Mujahideen in the 1980’s against the Soviets and 1st SFOD-D (later CAG and then ACE, formerly Delta) training tribal militia against the Taliban and later ISIS.

2: Reconnaissance
This includes things such as Pathfinders scouting out landing zones for Paras in the Iraq invasion down to SRR operations in afghanistan pinpointing Taliban commanders. SF teams are commonly geared toward this task because of their smaller team nature, allowing them to move in smaller, harder-to-detect groups without changing command structure.

3: Combat
This is the most uncommon usage of special forces outside civilian police aid and asset protection, yet is the most well known. To state the obvious here, noone willingly puts a small force against a large force, regardless of how well it’s trained, that’s just not smart. Special forces do not use any fancy tactics or equipment because, again, their primary role is to teach indigenous forces. Sorry, Call of Duty lied to you. Instead, they are instructor-level proficient on infantry tactics and often use suppressors to enable better communication in firefights. Suppressors do have a minor effect on obfuscating a shooter’s position at long range, but it is not the most beneficial use. Sorry again, Call of Duty lied to you. Arma is almost as entirely guilty of this; not only do ACRE and other systems emulate top of the line Peltor or other high tech active protection systems even in WW2, but suppressors are the tools of ghost ninjas that stalk the lands of fantasy and blokes named captain price.

Since we’re playing an FPS, it’s also the most common available usage of special forces in our context, on both sides. Hopefully the above explanation explains just how rarely they will be seen ingame however.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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20th Jul 2020

This is more of a recap of what’s gone in since last changelog:

Prep vehicles:
You can now use ace interact to ‘prep’ a vehicle on the spawnpad in insurgency, domi or annex. This is available to everyone and looks at the guys in your section and what kit they need before filling the vehicle with the relevant supplies. It means that anyone can get a basic supply of ammo even if a command role isn’t around, and it contains all the basic equipment as well like defusal kits, map tools and maps, smoke grenades etc so it’s useful if you forget anything.

I’m working on two PVP modes as well as a Trouble in Terrorist town for party nights. The first is Bananabank and is all about area security (kinda like king of the hill but not shitty and unrealistic) and the second is Extraction which focuses on hostage rescue. Testing for these is ongoing and needs more time to get the last issues out (the main one being that start timers are not synchronised if you join at a certain time, I know how to fix it but it’s not an instant process). When they get to a state where I’m happy to show the world they will get a post of their own like Annexation did.

Attachment Restrictions
The system for attachments is harsh since it requires sacrificing your current slot to try the new one and see whether it’s viable. With this in mind I’ll rewrite the basic rules here in one go rather than when each new thing is introduced:
No attachment can be taken alone, with the exception of the heli crew. Teams of 4 need at least 3, teams of 8 need at least 4
Every attachment can be taken from an empty server
If there’s only a partial section online, you will not be allowed to split away by taking an attachment. Same deal if there’s a lot of players on but there’s already another attachment online.

Each of these rules were put in place to avoid situations that were happening and negatively affecting the experience of everyone on the server.

The exception to this is the heli crew. 1 heli crew is allowed for every section commander online, regardless of player count. This is to try and ensure that the heli has someone on the ground with a long range that they can coordinate with. Like with other attachments however you can take both heli crew on an empty server, so you can hop on with a buddy and take an Apache for example.

There’s also the standard infantry restriction system to stop people lone wolfing with the excuse of ‘oh I’m in a different section’. If a section isn’t properly populated (less than 6 people) then you won’t be able to start a new regular section unless you have at least 2 guys with you to start a section of your own. To reiterate: if the main section is nearly full already you can start a new section alone without any issues. From there you can use either the base radio (Annex doesn’t have one because russian’s believe Land Rovers are capitalist propaganda, but the Tigr MRAP’s have racks that you can access for a long range radio instead) or ACE interact with the intel folder (on a table next to the main ammobox at every base) to see where every group leader is on the map, and on the way you can ACE self interact to get BLUFOR intel which will help you navigate to whoever is furthest from base.

Vehicle physics
Land Rovers, HMMWV’s, Urals, MAN trucks, Tigr’s, MRZR’s, Huskies, quad bikes and a few of the unnamed US MRAPs have received physics updates, the latest of which came in today. These are predominantly centered around grip level and roll potential, with the aim to bring each vehicle’s ingame capability in-line with their irl counterpart and encourage realistic usage as a result. The Land Rovers in particular have had a lot of work done on their suspension, brakes and tires to allow for a more responsive experience to match with moose tests and scenarios where we know braking distances or occasions where it should be able to roll over. Known issue here is that the HMMWV brakes always lock up instantly; there’s some sort of weird drivetrain stuff going on and it’s not capable of stopping if the brakes aren’t set to ridiculous values.

Here's a video of some of the affected vehicles, showing their new capabilities

Patrol Bases
PB’s in insurgency are now persistent. That means each vehicle you park there and each ammobox you deposit will remain there through server restarts, repo updates and any other cataclysmic event that may come along. Over the months we’ve had dozens of logistics missions to bring comprehensive patrol bases to several regions with benefits lasting years. You can also teleport from the main base to the PB without clicking the respawn button by going to the spawner, and the other way round by going to the PB radio on the table.

Insurgency: Hearts and minds
There’s a couple of elements that can boost your intel gathering process with civilians. The base chance is the same as before if you just play normally, this is just for people that want to find an objective to go for quickly rather than doing a patrol. Interpreters have a 100% chance of success with friendly civs (they can still pull a gun on a terp) and british/american leaders can spawn a hearts and minds crate which has some stuff in it. This is usually used for events and contains things like money, food and berets. In normal insurgency though you’ll find you have more success when questioning while wearing a beret and they’ll be even nicer if you give them money beforehand. To reiterate: the base chance is unchanged, this is just an extra for people wanting a lot of intel very quickly, like heliborne forcetypes or leaders that prefer to go for a particular objective rather than doing a patrol route.

Insurgency, map markers
Hold alt while clicking in two places to make a circle with the first point as its center and the second as its radius. Useful for nailing down what each of those intel markers are indicating. The circle only shows for you to avoid clogging the map up for everyone.

On insurgency you can switch nationalities as most attachments, just go to the spawner and select switch team.

Sometimes you'll need to spend some time in a position and there'll be some crappy tree or bush that makes it worthless. In these situations you can use an entrenching tool or wirecutters to dig up or hack down any foliage. Wirecutters will do bushes and trees and the shovel will just do bushes. Self interact when facing foliage to do it, and for bushes you'll need to put the bush down somewhere afterward. You can drop it for quick and imprecise or place it for slower but precise positioning if you're intentionally camouflaging something. For trees you chop it down and then you can cut it up on the ground if you want it gone completely. None of these are quick, they're long term abilities to open up defensive positions or helicopter landing sites. Available on all modes.

I intend to continue the changelogs on a loose basis, updating every month or so with whatever features change the gameplay for people that aren’t regularly on the server.
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11th Aug 2020

Afghan National Army

The ANA have received an upgrade in equipment. They now have camouflage, body armour (sometimes) and helmets.


You may look cool while wearing a beret or boonie or whatever, but you can now be instakilled if you’re shot in the head without a helmet. Insurgency only and it’s a 50/50 chance when shot directly (shrapnel/ricochets don’t count) in the head. I’ve gone through each role to make sure everyone starts with a helmet (which was why the ANA was upgraded). This is currently in testing and, since it’s a rather fundamental change, it is off by default unless I’m online to fix any mishaps on the fly.

I’ve also switched the civ questioning system so they don’t care if you’re wearing a beret specifically, they’ll just be a bit nicer if you’re not wearing a helmet. Again the base chances are unaffected, so you can just leave it and get the same gameplay as ever.


I’ve gone through the mortar ammo to make sure each box they spawn is full of the ammo they request. The M6 60mm and the L16 82mm are both available and HE, smoke and illum rounds can be spawned for each.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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20th Sep 2020

Enemies now fight harder for objectives. They will stand tall and brave when defending a cache or HVT, and they will stick to the target compound if they’re holding a hostage.

I’ve done a physics pass on the RHS US wheeled vehicles for the HMMWV, MRZR and most of the MRAP’s that we use.

The AC-130 has been added to insurgency. After testing it has shown to be one of the most well made mods I’ve ever seen for our purposes, surpassing even RHS and 3CB in terms of realism. For the first time we have a supremely powerful weapons platform that uses realism as its sole balancing mechanism, and the result is fantastic. Its optics are better than its weapons, which are not pinpoint accurate like many mod weapons. Its main concession is that it’s flyable by one pilot with an autopilot system, allowing that pilot to gun while the AP flies an orbit. Civs already dislike it when you blow up their buildings, and I’m working on ways of making that more obvious to quantify how much collateral damage people are responsible for. The end result is that the main use of the AC130 will probably be directed strikes and area security, just like Apaches. In testing I was also engaged by a ZU23 from over 2km, so that’s something to keep an eye out for when those things roam the streets freely in the badlands.

Its implementation follows a similar ethos of balance through realism. It is only available to the fixed wing team, and only when there is an active american SF team active already. This is because the AC130’s primary customers are US SF in the real world. When there is both a US SF team and a fixed wing team on at the same time, the fixed wing team has the option of switching to USASOC, which then allows them to spawn the AC130. It’s a deliberate process and will result in the AC130 being a rare occurrence but, again, that’s the same in the real world.

Medical changes

Insurgency only: I’ve deactivated the special AI medical function that kills AI by random chance when they’re knocked unconscious. This is the function that kills enemies really quickly after falling unconscious in public and ops, even if they don’t have a wound in a vital area. Saving civs or hostages after grenades or accidents is now possible, and you can (try to) shoot to wound an enemy and have a much more realistic chance of capturing him alive. It’s much easier said than done however when they’re shooting back however. This system works well alongside the ragdoll script we use, enjoy second guessing yourself on whether you really hit something important in stressful situations.
There is an edge case to this though, ACE can simultaneously decide that the AI should be conscious and should also have no heart rate. This can happen in explosive situations where severe trauma is caused but not immediately lethal trauma from a bullet. It’s actually not unrealistic in terms of end effects, grenades tear through people IRL and they run away to bleed out within minutes. If you find someone in this state, he’s a dead man walking and there’s nothing you can do about it since you can’t give CPR to a conscious person. Personally I’d recommend letting him live his last seconds in peace.

For anyone curious, here’s a good video of people taking UGL HE hits (kinda nsfw obviously) ... sed_as_an_effective/


I’m working on removing RHSGREF. This is the unicorn addition of RHS and contains things like the Garand, M21, M38, ALICE webbing and a couple of uniforms we use. CUP has now got to the point where it has viable replacements for most of these and the extra 2.5GB isn’t worth it.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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26th Oct 2020

RHS Update:

I’ve incorporated the new uparmoured HMMWV’s from RHS into our domination, insurgency and extraction gamemodes. Each one has been switched over to the 3CB ammunition handling system and have already received a physics pass (in general I’ve been tweaking the RHS vehicle physics a lot recently). The GPK variants are available on base and the heavier O-GPK variants are spawnable by USMC and US army command roles from the spawner like usual. I also included the uparmoured Caiman as a spawnable asset here for people wanting that. For extraction the GPK HMMWV’s have been included within the balancing system and replace the .50 cal M-ATV that was available too easily. The CROWS M-ATV has also been replaced with an O-GPK variant.

Patrol Bases

Patrol Bases are now more useful outside of insurgency (in insurgency they are unchanged). Basic vehicles will automatically spawn there if you respawn at the PB or teleport to the PB and there aren’t enough vehicles already, and this is no longer reliant on the container. If you do bring the container, however, you’ll find you can spawn light and support ammo there. Support ammo consists of medical supplies, night fighting kit, spare tires and vehicle ammo, whereas light ammo is your standard section stuff. You won’t be able to spawn heavy ammo or heavy weapons such as javelins, tows or nlaws, but the basics are available to make sure that the PB is usable even without a heli pilot.
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18th Nov 2020


Given the popularity and usefulness of the spawnable SPG and Kornet launchers, Russian command roles can now spawn an AGS-30 and a DSHKM as well. Ammunition is spawned separately and uses the ACE ammo handling system of physically taking ammo cans out of the box and putting them into the gun with ACE interact. RPG-26 crates and RSHG-2 crates have also been made available.


Each group in Insurgency/Annexation/Domination now gets put on a different radio channel. This is feature complete but not bug free yet, as on certain roles that carry specifically a 343 and a 148/152 in the same uniform slot it can sometimes change the wrong one. This will be fixed asap, but for the moment just check your radios as usual if your role has a weird setup.

I’ve removed the food/water system. The intention was for it to feed (no pun intended) into a bigger insurgency dynamic of helping towns with supplies and stuff, but this is not getting done any time soon and it wasn’t adding anything in the meantime. When this does get made, it’ll be done without players requiring food/water, as it just took up a slot on the self interact without really adding anything except a nice pat on the back when you’ve lived long enough to need something.

RHS vehicles are getting more physics work. This affects us most in our PVP modes where the heavier trucks are no longer capable of easily traversing the same terrain as everything else, but it’s also visible in our other modes where the RG’s, M-ATV’s, BTR’s and Strykers have received adjustments, with the M-ATV and RG series now reaching RC status. 3CB vehicles are also getting some improvements, namely the land rovers having stiffer suspension to allow them to go faster over desert bumps without flipping.

TTT is getting closer to being feature complete. We’re now using the same instakill ballistics model on players here as we do for AI in other modes, with headshots being lethal and torso hits potentially being lethal depending on caliber, velocity, whether it hit the ribcage or just the gut, and whether the target was unconscious already. Future plans are for some mechanic to stop rdm’ing and a basic buy system for traitors/detectives to get good stuff for overt playstyles.

The mission status option is now available on Annexation and Domination. It shows the mission progress and some info on playercount, whether a heli crew is running and whether the enemy command vehicle is still active. It’s now available on every mission on public, from siege to TTT, to provide a standardised method of getting mission info. I’ll be adding insurgency’s blufor status to Annex and Domi soon, so that people coming from base can meet up with friendly forces without needing to know how to use a ctab.


I’m going to double up the british sections on all our modern/2000 missions (it’s already been the case on 90’s since it was made). British regulars are our bread and butter and we often get people forced to go mechanized without a warrior because they want to be british but the first section is full.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
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19th Dec 2020

There’s now an option to clear only empty boxes from the spawner, rather than every box.

The Light Mobility section has been removed from Insurgency. The Mechanised section has the same functionality when there’s no vehicle crew slotted so it’s not adding anything. Instead, the regular section has been duplicated so that overflow from the first section can go there if they want.

I’ve rewritten the vehicle respawn system after we had 2 server crashes in a row while driving around base. It’s no different on the end user side, just holler if something weird happens like a vehicle disappearing while you’re driving it or whatever. We’ve had another crash since then so it’s not the long standing issue, but it does eliminate one issue that’s been around too long.

I’ve made a Karma and buy system for TTT. Karma is simple enough, if you kill the wrong people you lose Karma and you become less accurate. Killing the right people gains you a much smaller amount and you gain a little at the start of each new round as well. You can check your Karma with the mission status function but this is only available in the prep phase to avoid people using it as a method of ID’ing people after killing them.

The buy system allows detectives and traitors to take a more overt approach with a selection of toys such as grenades and PKM’s. You can get more money by checking bodies as a detective or killing as a traitor. Access the buy menu with your ACE self interact and see how much money you have by checking the mission status.

There’s also a new TTT map on an oil rig, you can find it under porto. I haven’t tested it online yet but you are welcome to try it.

This gamemode benefits heavily from building defensive structures, so the amount of entrenching tools for trenches/bushes and wirecutters for cutting down trees has been increased. They’ve also been added to the weapons caches that are on the extraction locations, so you’re able to fortify the extraction compound even if you don’t bring tools from your camp.

SF on domination has been removed. On insurgency they provide a modern-equipped section with non-magnified optics (in the non-british configs, SAS use acog’s) but on domi its role is too easily filled by the FST and we don’t look for non-magnified roles as much. To that end, I’ve added in the team switching system from insurgency to switch over from BAF to USMC. They have access to the same range of crew served weaponry and they have inherited the ability to spawn unlimited Javelin ammunition from the SF team. The FST team size has also been increased to 6, but the minimum count to form the team is still 3.

In terms of vehicles, the british FST retains their Coyotes and also gets access to a quad bike that can be loaded into its inventory. We know quad bikes are used by british FST’s and we’ve had benefits from using cargo-loaded quad bikes from FST on insurgency in the past to scout routes and such while the Coyote crew mans their guns. The USMC team separates their fire support and mule vehicles, with the CROWS M-ATV being available in M2 and MK19 flavours and the 6-wheeled FMTV truck available as a support vehicle, armed with a roof mounted M2 in an O-GPK turret.

Vehicle Recovery
I’ve made a pair of tools to help people with stuck vehicles. They’re both available in the ACE interact of every land vehicle. The first is a basic winch system: go to your stricken vehicle and collect the winch, go to your puller vehicle and attach it, then back to your stricken vehicle to winch.

The second is a generic ‘Recover Vehicle’ option and is only available when a vehicle is flipped. Just select that and it will slowly unflip the vehicle. This is very slow on heavier vehicles, next thing to do is to make it possible to have multiple people recovering to speed up the process.

Both of these are physics based, so they’re not pretty. The benefits of this are that you won’t have to ping management if you get stranded with a vehicle stuck on a rock, and it won’t glitch vehicles into fences and rocks and stuff like if you use the normal towing function.

Other stuff
There probably won’t be much of a changelog in january, if there even is one. Life is super difficult for me right now and I’m taking a break from TWC stuff.
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12th Jan

As expected this is a short one.

The AC-130 in insurgency can no longer be spawned or flown at daytime, reflecting the fact it’s not allowed to fly in the day irl.

Speaking of 130’s, the regular C-130 spawning broke recently on insurgency and domination and has now been fixed.

In Extraction and Bananabank you can now ACE interact with any vehicle (even a destroyed one) to spawn a backup bike. This means that getting your vehicle destroyed 5km from base is no longer the same as a death sentence if there’s noone nearby to pick you up.

The Single shot shotgun has been removed as it’s just comically bad. Gun balance doesn’t matter a whole lot in TTT but it was a bit silly. It’s been replaced with a mossberg 590 pump action.
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Solitare 2nd Mar
Great mid week op.. thanks Ross and Aleyboy. really good fun,
[TWC] dinoscool3 2nd Mar
Hey folks, just because its a full OP doesn't mean we can't have more! Keep signing up!
[TWC] Ghostie3k 27th Feb
Computer decided to crash. Trying to fix it tight now
[TWC] Lukey 26th Feb
Sign up for Saturday and you get to learn the Alphabet free of charge.
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