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Public Server Changelog 29/09/17
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Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Inactive Member
Likes 1204
29th Sep 2017

These changes are going live at the moment, and should be fully functional by tomorrow. This mostly consists of first-pass exploratory additions to Kunduz.

Kunduz IED spawn frequency reduced to 20% of previous (in theory, IED spawning is being difficult atm)

British medic on kunduz is actually a medic now.

Added a layer of civilian trust effectiveness to Kunduz. Talking to civilians now raises their trust in you, but harassing them by talking to them multiple times will lower their trust. Pestering them more than twice will result in a net loss in trust. Defusing IED’s for them still raises their trust as before. Killing a civilian will now put you several steps back in trust. To give some basic numbers, you would need to talk to around 6-8 civilians or defuse 2-3 IED’s to offset a single civilian murder.

Civilian trust now affects what information they’re willing to give you, again this is Kunduz specific. There’s still a random element, but less trust makes them less likely to give cache information and more likely to only give IED locations (in the spirit of ‘fix my crap and maybe we’ll help you then’) and AA guns fall down the middle.

Also added a layer of enemy morale effectiveness, again to kunduz. Killing an enemy lowers morale a little, whereas things like IED hits and concerted attacks on blufor will raise it. Morale of attacks are neutralised or otherwise based on how many you kill (if they send 2 blokes and you kill them both then the enemy isn’t that fussed and is glad to have pestered you. If they send 10 blokes and you kill them all then they are demoralised)

The two morale values now have a slight connection. Killing a civilian will raise enemy morale slightly and IED’s, attacks and player deaths at insurgent hands will have a slight negative impact on civilian trust. The result is that killing a civilian gives the enemy faith that you are useless, and constantly getting hammered by enemy makes the civilian population lose faith in you as well.

Enemy morale display is now flipped, so bad enemy morale reads as bad and good enemy morale says good. Still kunduz only for the moment.

Civilian trust now starts in the first bad zone. Welcome to being a foreign invader.

Enemy spawns are now numbered according to a few factors:

1: Enemy morale. Less morale, less willing enemy.
2: Distance from base. There is no more full section spawning right near the base where routine patrols and general bitch duty should absolutely stop that from happening. The most you’ll get now is 1-2 shooters unless the enemy has high morale.
3: Player count. There is now a multiplier based on how many people are connected to the server. It’s not linear so it’ll require a bit of bedding in to see whether lower or higher playercounts are particular difficult/easy and adjust accordingly.

Civilians work in a similar manner, they spawn based on:
1: Civilian trust. The more the civilian population trusts you, the more you’ll see them.
2: Distance from base. When the civilian trust is good (or better), the civilian population will flock to your base and move away from the outer reaches of the map. However, when the civilian trust is bad they will move away from your base and be found more commonly in the same areas as insurgents. This feature is very much WIP at the moment as the math behind it is a bit fickle.

Civilian presence does not scale with player count, on the grounds that they have no impact on game difficulty.

Added PKM and RPK gunners to potential infantry spawns instead of just AK74 and RPG gunners.

Enemies will no longer spawn in the fields directly in front of kunduz base, regardless of enemy morale. The location had just been missed out of the blacklist by chance and it meant there was a tiny chance that even a zeus cannon could spawn looking at the base entrance. No longer a possibility, even if enemy morale is sky high.
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Inactive Member
Likes 1204
29th Sep 2017

Known issues:

Various loadout bugs. Some guys have 40mm that shouldn't, some guys have the wrong weapon attachments and weapons etc with stuff like the marksman. Most of these are already fixed on my test build but with me being busy with life I've got half and half and I'm not going to commit half and potentially break something just to get it in with this particular update.

WMIK's don't have javelin tubes and CLU's. They will get tubes in them with the ability for the rifleman AT to get a CLU and tube out of the base box, and they will also get multiple boxes of their turret ammo so they don't keep running out of ammo

Blackhawk on reshmaan being invisible. Again this is a thing I can do fairly easily locally, but committing it without testing would be dumb (I am clumsy and the game doesn't like me)

Other bugs that have been reported in the relevant thread. They will be sorted once my life gets back in balance, but things are going to be a little slow on my end for a couple weeks. Bear with me, I'll still be doing events on the server whenever I can
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Inactive Member
Likes 1204
30th Sep 2017

Don't use changelogs for suggestions, they will get lost. For the moment, make new threads with simple suggestions with maybe a design outline if you feel like it. I won't be responding to them unless I think they can be implemented after development of the idea (like if there's a particular blocking issue that I think could probably be solved with a bit of smarts) so don't get demoralised if it gets no response.
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Announcements
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