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[BUG] Invincible aircraft after re-arm/repair.
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Joined: 4th Aug 2013
Rank: Public Player
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1st Nov 2015

AO Name : 
If not at the AO the exact location in base/towns: Loy Manara base, helicopter service pad. 
Time : 1730 GMT

Expected behavior: Wildcat takes hits and RTB for repairs, land at repair site, aircraft is rearmed, repaired and refuelled. Pilot should be able to spool down and leave the aircraft and troops should be able to embark. Aircraft should be able to be destroyed.

Actual behavior: Pilot is unable to spool down and leave the aircraft, and people are unable to enter the aircraft. The aircraft also cannot be damaged from 40MM Mk19 munitions. 
Additional information: After approximately 10 minute of being out of the aircraft, it respawned and it looks like the problem solved itself. However, the aircraft is still unable to correctly re-arm and repair itself.

Dewch ymlaen, ddim ond y gorau ydy dda ddigon.

Bringing the pain since 2013!
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"Knows his stuff in general, a really sexy voice. Everything you need from an IC." TheLocalPub: 2017

Last Edit: 1st Nov 2015 by T. Roberts
Joined: 10th Aug 2013
Rank: Management
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1st Nov 2015

This is the result of our shitty rearm-repair script. If you leave before it says completed it causes all of these glitches. We will fix it for monday.
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Bug Reports Locked
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