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[BUG] Kunduz Public
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Bug Reports
Joined: 3rd Dec 2015
Rank: Public Player
Likes 14
3rd Oct 2017

AO Name : Kunduz
Role: I was a Medic
If not at the AO the exact location in base/towns: Main Base area\Spawn
Time : 23:47
Expected behaviour: No Civilians in main base
Actual behaviour: 8 Civilians in main base
Additional information:  (warning, the below is just fluff and not required for the above BUG).

I was on a motorised patrol along the 'Airport Road' ensuring a BAF presence is seen by the local community.  Initially, I headed South to the edge of our designated sector, along the way I met with a small local group of middle aged and senior civilians.  One of the group seemed to be upset moving crouched with both hands waving beside their head (possible head-ache/Goat-agro/Possessed), however the rest were generally friendly.  I exchanged some bandages and recieved some intel on a possible cache of 'Military' equipment.  The location mentioned was in the North, North-West of our general AO.  Being out of my scope of a simple 'Hearts and Minds' short patrol - I passed the intel up and it was marked on all maps.

I then proceeded North, along the 'Airport Road' and encountered two armed and definitely hostile men.  I reversed a hundred meters and then disembarked my Land Rover hitting the deck with a keen sense of urgency.  Small arms fire rang out, striking my poor defenceless Land Rover - causing my Flask of tea to leak !  "Bastards" I muttered - "They better not break my HobNobs!"

I caught sight of a male, dressed in white with the tell-tale hunch of a person carrying fairly hefty Automatic Rifle - possiblly an PKM !  "Well, thats not good." I said in my mind as I checked my rifle to single shot and used the Land Rover bonnet to get 3 shots towards my target.  1st shot created a puff of dirt and dust to hide the hostile.  I aimed upwards, 400-500meteres - 2nd shot hit, 3rd shot fired - the threat was removed.  "Duck n Cover lads" I thought aloud.

I kept my sights on the downed target, just incase he decided he wanted 'seconds' - while looking for the other target.  A short burst of shots caused myself to smile - I should 'Duck n Cover' !  I waited for a few seconds, then peaked again - no visual.  Another burst of shots struck the Land Rover.  "Sneaky git, where the hell are you?" I ducked again.  Not wanting to gift the chap a prized BAF injury, let alone a kill - I shifted to the rear of the Land Rover and peaked round in 30 degree shifts.  Nothing.  I was nearly fully around the vehicle when I sighted the target.  Hiding behind a bush on the other side of the road !  "What a Ninja" - I hit the dirt and crawled alongside the front wheel.  I knew he was about 400 meters - I took aim and waited.  He seemed unsure if to go left or right from the bush - I was happy to await his choice.  He made his decision and I educated him on the errors of his ways - 2 shots across his torso.  I waited a few seconds for any further signs of movement before moving from prone to crouched - then a longer gap before I stood.  Area Clear.

I removed their weapons and loaded the Land Rover, I need to get back to fill out a REME for the chaps to repair the Land Rover and to requisition a new flask for me.  Upon returning to base, I noticed some strangers lurking in, through and past both the Hesco barriers seperating the Vehicle Park and the Barracks - even walking through a Jackal !  I Questioned these apparent locals and they gave further information on the Cache in the North, North-West area.  I asked them to leave, but they seemed pretty sure they wanted to stay on the base.

Sometimes I wonder if it's the heat or the tiredness, but I can't help but wonder - if these guys did or did not pass through solid structures...

If a bug report does not follow this exact format it will be deleted
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Bug Reports
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