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[Bug]Wildcat, anyone can fly
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Bug Reports Locked
Joined: 22nd Feb 2014
Rank: Member
Likes 482
11th Apr 2015

If not at the AO the exact location in base/towns:   Base
Time : yesterday around 22:00 GMT
Expected behavior: Only pilots can be inside the pilot seat and fly
Actual behavior:anyone can fly the wildcat and use the wepons systems
Additional information:

I was sniper team and after respawn i noticed that the wildcat was there whit her engines online, i didnt thought of it much but when i figured out there was no pilot online i decided to turn off the chopper by getting in the pilot seat and when it would kick me out i would turn off the engine.

When I tried it i was able to do what i wished inside the chopper (fly, use wepons ,...) Ofc i did not do that but just truned off the chopper and found a nice car to drive to the AO:

"If you are ever mentioning "section", you're too controlling.If the platoons are ever deciding what to do next, then you're not controlling enough." -Heaney

Last Edit: 11th Apr 2015 by Patty Evans
Joined: 19th Dec 2013
Rank: Inactive Member
Likes 303
11th Apr 2015

master- I have not crashed all day!( keep dreaming )

Joined: 16th Nov 2013
Rank: Public Player
Likes 723
12th Apr 2015


Respect is earned, not given

Forum » Public Server » Public Server Bug Reports Locked
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