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[Takistan Insurgency] Low frame rate
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Bug Reports
Joined: 12th May 2013
Rank: Member
Likes 392
23rd Jun 2018

AO Name : N/A
Role: Pilot
If not at the AO the exact location in base/towns: N/A
Time : 22/06/2018 - 22:00
Expected behaviour: P layable frame rate, minimum 25-30
Actual behaviour: F rame rate around 10-20
Additional information: I don't think it is a problem with the pilot. I think the problem is that to many things are spawed by the pilot. It was pretty much  unplayable and I hope that you will focus more on optimization on the public, insted of new things. 

"The night is dark and full of terrors"

-{ Timme }-

Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Inactive Member
Likes 1204
23rd Jun 2018

1: There's currently no caching on public.

2: The air vehicle check got removed because it was causing a double spawn. The infantry would get dropped in, then the heli would fly off, and then it would spawn enemies, which obviously is bad. The altitude check was doing the same thing, we just never noticed it before because the restrictions on the heli used to be more severe.

3: In theory it should only spawn when something stays nearby for 15 seconds, which usually a plane wouldn't set off. However, the trigger itself goes up to infinite height so there could be some merit to making this finite and just hoping people don't like to spend time on massive hills.

4: I literally had 0 knowledge of anything script related prior to becoming public manager, so don't expect miracles. Documentation is

I have more to say but as usual I have been interrupted by a medical emergency, I might continue later
Joined: 26th Jul 2016
Rank: Inactive Member
Likes 1204
24th Jun 2018

Try again at some point, I went through and trimmed out some bits that weren't needed with our current design and our public last night had very good performance on the ground
Forum » Public Server » Public Server Bug Reports
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