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Operation MALLET
7:20 PM Sat 28th Mar 2015 - 01:00 AM Sun 29th Mar 2015(GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Force Type : German Mechanised Platoon (Panzergrenadiers)

Era: Modern Day

Time 4:00

Weather : Cloudy


 It is late 2015 and after the successful annexation of Crimea by the Russian government many more small territories that used to be part of the Soviet union are wanting to reunite with their the old home for their "security". One such Island in the Baltic sea called everon which was split in the matter with the local people divided on who to support the EU or Russia. After the collapse of the soviet union years ago the island that was under east German control was inherited by the newly reformed Germany and has been a peaceful ever since. However this Island is of massive strategic importance as it is in the centre of the Baltic and whoever controls the Island can control all Baltic sea naval and air traffic.

After a successful election of an EU supporting island Governor on Everon things began to deteriorate with riots starting from the the Russian supporting rebels and a near civil war. Russia seen this as an excellent opportunity to perform Crimea 2.0 and free the Russian speaking people of old from the Islands western governing body. On the morning of Thursday the 27/03/15 the Russians launched the invasion with a battalion of VDV troops that came from the skies in Helicopters and planes and quickly took the island in a matter of hours. 

This is a direct invasion on to German territory which Russia denies.After two days and nights of targeted air strikes from NATO air forces on the island Your Mechanised PLT of the 37th Mechanised Brigade  deployed to the island under the cover of darkness in the early hours of the morning to which the Russians are unaware. Your PLT is to act as a spearhead for the rest of the arriving units and push the Russians back of the island.


 After a successful landing on the south of the island last night Major gains have made by up the southern Tip of everon.

A beach head has been secured It is now up to your to Mechanized Platoon to build on this push and secure the centre of island as well as surrounding strategic locations. You Main task is to secure the strategic town of montignac via a push around the western side of the Island eliminating Russian Positions that have entrenched themselves in the local farming towns.

 Additionally there are reports that The VDV managed to Airlift a Platoon of 2S3M1 mobile Artillery Guns on to the west of the Island overnight. If you stop the guns from setting up you will limit the russians ability to mount an effective defense against other NATO forces.

Enemy Force :

 We can Expect a Highly Trained but exhausted Airborne VDV company with a BMD mechanized support elements. They have not had time to rest since the landed on the Island on Thursday and are now battle weary. They are armed to the teeth none the less and entrenched so once we kick the hornet's nest they will be a force to be reckoned with. Additionally They are being supported by QRF consisting of two MI-24s.


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25th Mar 2015
Not gonna be around at start time this week, give em hell from me
25th Mar 2015
cant make it this week, going to get hammered
24th Mar 2015
I will probaly be there but will be at last minute sign up. As driving back from Scotland.
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