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Operation AEGIS
7:20 PM Sat 24th Oct 2015 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation AEGIS

 An ex-filtration mission to recover an informant captured by Russian forces.


 Last week we received news that our Greek informant on the island of Altis has been captured by Russian forces. Just before he got captured, he sent us an email he acquired important intelligence on the Russian forces on the European mainland. 

 Two nights ago they moved him to the Thronos castle in North Western Altis, where he awaits further movement, possibly to Moscow. This is our best and only opportunity to ex-filtrate him from the island.

 Our only way in this far, is by airdrop. The area is full of hills and small forests making a drop difficult, but the hill tops should provide the possibility to drop successfully. Three LZ's have been marked on your map. The two red ones are more dangerous than the single green one. 

 The Russians have set up an HQ to the south of Thronos castle in the town of Oreokastro. If we capture this, we should be able to use it as a field HQ and treat our wounded there.

 Ex-filtration will be more complicated due to the terrain, but to the west of the castle lies a small airstrip that is used by the Russians as a medevac site. Our Hercules C5 is able to land and take off from here, but only just, so a skilled pilot is a must for this mission. The distance to the airstrip is quite far, so commandeering some vehicles should help us move faster. 

 To make matters worse, is the fact that time is of the essence. We don't know when the Russians want to move our informant, so we have to hit hard and fast, and be out before the Russians knew what hit them and send their large main force after us.

 Once we have the informant, we are to fly to the north-west across sea to securely ex-filtrate him.

 Our primary objective is:

· Ex-filtrate the informant
To help us achieve these objectives more easily, it is recommended to complete the following objectives:

·  Capture the HQ in Oreokastro
·Capture the airstrip


Enemy Force:
 The forces in the area are not present for an outside assault, but are primarily present to prevent the informant from escaping. The enemy force consist of a section guarding the informant as well as a section each guarding the airstrip and the HQ. However, there are patrols in the hills to help guard the informant as well as vehicles patrolling the roads. We've also spotted some heat signatures around buildings and shacks away from roads. Unfortunately we were not able to determine whether they are civilians or Russians, so it's best to act with precaution around these areas.

 We also know that they have a motorized force in the area. However, we unfortunately lost track of them, but we expect them to serve as a QRF.

 Be advised that this is a civilian area under military occupation! Civilians are moving in and out of our area of operation.

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21st Oct 2015
Will not attend due to me being on vacation.
19th Oct 2015
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