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Operation Joker
7:20 PM Sat 14th Nov 2015 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Capture and hold town long enough to lure away enemy units from the railway station.

3 weeks ago the Soviet bear finally extended its paw to sweep the rest of Europe under the iron domination of the USSR. In a heroic effort combined German, French, Dutch, and Belgian units have managed to halt the advance of the Soviet Army. The Soviet invasion looks doomed after its failed strike while the other Allied countries mobilize and deploy to Europe, but in order to win this war, NATO must manage to hold the line before going on the offensive themselves.

Among the first to deploy units in the counter-attack is the British Army. NATO Supreme Command has designated an attack through the comparatively lightly defended Czech Republic, aiming to capture important Soviet supply lines and ultimately Warsaw, locking the Soviet Shock Armies in a pocket.


The goal is to capture the town of Chernogorsk to lure away enemies from the railway depot to the west. Town must also be held long enough to engage enemy troops from the depot and deal as much damage as possible. Dinghies will be available to cross the river.
- Cross the river and establish bridgehead at the other side.

- Assault and capture town.
- Set up a defensive perimeter around town. Engineers can establish traps around vital areas and deploy mines on important roads to counter enemy armor.

- Hold town long enough to do sizable damage to the enemy reinforcements.
- Withdraw back over the river.

Enemy Force:
Town is held mostly by infantry and some armored vehicles. Most infantry is patrolling.

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14th Nov 2015
Wont be able to attend sorry for short notice
10th Nov 2015
Sounds like a good, fun op! Not sure if I'll be there but I hope I can sort something out!
Operation SATED
3 Days, 19 Hours, 50 Minutes and 55 Seconds
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