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Operation Savior
8:20 PM Sat 28th Nov 2015 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation Savior
By Malvo & jayman

Extraction of captured British Soldiers [Based on the incident when my brother-in-law was ‘detained’ by Bosnian Serbs near Goražde ]. 

TWC is 5 Platoon B Coy RGBW based at Airport Camp [GRID] as part of the UNPROFOR Mission in the CHERNARUS Province in the Former Republic of NOVOGORA. Armed hostile elements from the adjacent province of DEHURI have infiltrated CHERNARUS via the port of BEREZINO with the intention of ethnic cleansing.  

It is 0100 hours and your Coy HQ Radio Op has received this message from Bn HQ.

“RSM, Driver and Interpreter in Land Rover licence BG34AA believed detained by hostiles between GUGLOVO [GRID] and STAROYE [GRID]. SIGINT is attempting to find their exact location from intercept and friendly civilians. Orders for a Rescue Mission to follow.”

Rescue the RSM, Driver, and Interpreter:
We have lost contact with several friendly units. We are completely unsure of their situation, but certain civilians are willing to work with us. We are to use any tool at our disposal to find them. It can be assumed that captured friendlies would be moved to their base at Berenzino.

Extract the RSM, Driver, and Interpreter
Once found or rescued we must extract any surviving members back to base or if convenient we can use the UN base in the area.

Enemy Force:
The enemy should be considered a symmetrical force, but we know that their communications are poor. They have been seen with BTRs, AT weapons, PKMs and AKs. There is also a possible report of a tank. They have also set up multiple roadblocks along along the route marked on your map. If you wish to succeed these should be avoided.

Civilians have not had time to flee the area, but many have been being murdered by hostile forces. Finding evidence on war crimes will only help.

This is the last know picture of our friendly forces before they went MIA:

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27th Nov 2015
Looks like their listening to some absolute bangers in that landrover.
Their most likely just at the local rave.
Chat Box
[TWC] Chaza 23:25
XD - "Bang Fuck - The two sounds that make up a Negligent / Unauthorised Discharge"
[TWC] nickthegreek 17:45
public tonight
[TWC] Rik 16:03 ... glish_military_slang­ Mandatory reading before Saturday
[TWC] Chaza 15:11
Oh am gutted to miss that. Remember to say cunt alot and then offer vegemite sandwiches to everyone
[TWC] Mallas 25th Apr
They're not, they're only upside down.
[TWC] jayman 25th Apr
Are we just going to ignore that the letters are backwards too
[TWC] Mallas 24th Apr
Mɥʎ uoʇ ɔoɯɯǝɯoɹɐʇǝ ∀NZ∀Ɔ ɟoɹɔǝs ʇoɯoɹɹoʍ qʎ pǝɟǝupᴉuƃ ┴oqɹnʞ ʇɥᴉs Sɐʇnɹpɐʎ¿ Sᴉƃu nd ɟoɹ ʇɥǝ odǝɹɐʇᴉᴉou¡
[TWC] Mallas 24th Apr
This is what Rik meant, considering we're playing ANZAC....
[TWC] Rik 24th Apr
Why not commemorate ANZAC forces tomorrow by defending Tobruk this Saturday? Sign up for the operatiion!
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 23rd Apr
Don't forget to vote!
[TWC] Chaza 20th Apr
Sign up for the op my dudes
[TWC] Lukey 20th Apr
What a meme
[TWC] jayman 20th Apr
Next time someone complains about accurate AI play this: ... amp;
[TWC] freez 19th Apr
public time
[TWC] Aleyboy 19th Apr
I’ll be there
[TWC] freez 19th Apr
[TWC] Hobbs 19th Apr
Pub tonight?
Operation FALCHION
1 Day, 14 Hours, 13 Minutes and 12 Seconds
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