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Operation Maximus
8:20 PM Sat 2nd Jan 2016 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation Maximus

Overview :
 Liberate captured towns and airstrip.


After the failed negotiation that took place earlier this year in Ukraine (Operation Shield), Russia and it's allies have declared proxy war on NATO. So far there have been no major conflicts between NATO and Russia (except Turkey shooting down Russian planes) so this is a major upset in world balance. Unknown forces have occupied Chernarus, a small country between Ukraine and Georgia. CDF (Chernarus Defence Force) have been overrun and it's capital city has been captured by unknown troops as well as the nearby airfield that was assaulted in a daring night raid by airborne troops. Russia has declared that it has no army presence in Chernarus, so NATO has decided to send in a mechanized platoon to investigate what is currently happening in Chernarus.


Secure Chernogorsk - We believe the enemy has a large presence in Chernogorsk. Move up and push back any enemy resistance.

Recapture the airstrip - A platoon of unknown forces in a daring night raid has captured the primary CDF airstrip. Help and secure the airstrip and return it in CDFs hands.

Secure the main train station in Elektrozavodsk - The enemy has captured a vital train station in Elektrozavodsk. If possible secure and capture it. If enemy resistance is too hard, destroy the railway.

Enemy Force: Unknown.

Map  : Chernarus.

Role Sheet

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29th Dec 2015
In light of the news in the early hours of the morning - I petition that we re-name this operation "Op. Motorhead" - lucky it's mechanised already!
Chat Box
[TWC] Aleyboy 27th Jan
Public again tonight 1900
[TWC] Sarge 26th Jan
[TWC] Aleyboy 26th Jan
Apache gunner is basically an AFAC anyway innit
[TWC] Sarge 26th Jan
Apparently it had been previously decided that no FAC for Apache so I'm scratching it.
[TWC] Sarge 26th Jan
Eh if no one tells them no. Guess everyones a target
[TWC] Chaza 26th Jan
That could of been messy
[TWC] Sarge 26th Jan
Whoops just an oversight
[TWC] Chaza 26th Jan
No FAC for the Apache in next weeks op?
[TWC] Aleyboy 26th Jan
Sunday Public tonight at 1900, get on it!
[TWC] DerpyDays 25th Jan
going to be like 30-45 mins late
[TWC] DerpyDays 25th Jan
crap i forgot the WW2 repo, might be late
[TWC] Chaza 25th Jan
few more needed for the recon team! A rare WW2 attachment!
[TWC] Chaza 25th Jan
Sign up for the op sheeple. Going to be a cracker by the looks of it!
[TWC] zurxo 24th Jan
bish bash bosh
[TWC] jayman 24th Jan
bingo bango bongo
[TWC] DerpyDays 24th Jan
bongo bongo i dont want to leave the congo
[TWC] Aleyboy 23rd Jan
[TWC] Lukey 23rd Jan
[TWC] Aleyboy 22nd Jan
Public again tonight, get on it!
[TWC] Hobbs 22nd Jan
there's a couple of other minor things too but many other groups have had to roll back as well, we're better off on the old version for the moment
Operation SCEPTIC
3 Days, 12 Hours, 41 Minutes and 29 Seconds
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