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Operation CUPIDITY
7:20 PM Sat 30th Jan 2016 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Start Time of operation-  1.00AM  Weather- Clear Sky

Task Organisation

Force Type - Motorised

Platoon Attachment - N/A

Geographical Overview

The region consists of a mountainous terrain, this include sparse dark green bushes and light tree cover mainly surrounding the base of the mountains. The Towns are a mix between medium to large towns with primarily mud based buildings offering good protection due to the mass of buildings.

Conflict Overview and Recent Events

The region we are entering is called Al rayak, which is located in Uzbekistan and is held by Uzbekistan forces. 2 months ago Uzbekistan forces crossed the border into the Kyrgyzstan erupting in an all out war between the two countries. Fast forwarding to three days ago Uzbekistan forces are 150 Km outside the capital city of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. Under a massive threat from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan has offered its southern territory to rejoin the separated lands of Tajikistan if we start an offensive on Uzbekistan's southern regions.

Our government has agreed to this deal and we will be launching an offensive. Our aim is to cause a massive disruption in Uzbekistan to aid in slowing down the Uzbekistani forces advancing into Kyrgyzstan.

Situation of Opfor

With most of the full time Uzbekistani forces pushing into Kyrgyzstan they have left mostly conscripted forces to defend its borders. The borders are well equipped and fortified however they are not fully trained on their specialized vehicles such as artillery which may be inaccurate and slow to reload. They were lacking a uniform as resources were mainly put into weapons and vehicles so they are wearing surplus clothing.

Situation of Civilian

There is no civilian presence as many have fled into the center of Uzbekistan to escape any potential attacks


  1. Eliminate the enemy forward command post in the town of Al Quatria.
  2. Eliminate the enemy FOB that is between Saloren Quardallah

We are playing as :  Tajikistan Army


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