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Operation Adventu
8:20 PM Sat 5th Mar 2016 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Name: Operation Adventu
Colaborators: None 
Era: modern
Warfare Type: Asymmetrical
Force Type: Mortorised
Logistics Helicopter: no
Platoon Attachments:  no
Time: 06:00
Weather:  Foggy, Slight overcast,.
Civilians: very high.

IED: Very high

Logistical support to Allied units stationed in Afganistan  


After the top brass got the mission reports from "Operation Appetini" They found that normal logistical units are not as well trained as they hoped. So they pulled out all logistical elements and put the combat units in charge of logistics. As you know this was a terrible move, but do to heavy losses in the logistical sector it was necessary. Last night we sent an emergency convoy to support the British troops in the outpost, but it got ambushed right out side our door step! We have reviewed the wreckage and an IED explosion was the cause of the loss of life and vehicles. Our repair HEMMIT was damaged but we revived a replacement from our friends in the US, its not the best but should do until proper vehicles have been given.

Helicopter logistics in this sector are a no go do to heavy Taliban presence, most of the civilian population support them and our killing of civilians could get the hole bloody country on a headhunt!


Our primary mission is to protect the logistic trucks no matter what, everything else is a secondary mission. We have been given Ammunition, fuel, repair and medical trucks which need to survive.

1. [p]Protect the logistic vehicles

2. Resupply the British outpost

3. Resupply the Marine recon unit

4. Deliver supplies and speak to the elder in KAR. He should be in the courtyard of his house, or so he says.

Enemy Force:
A large population supported by Taliban, well its very difficult to give you an estimate of enemy forces. but from the recent activity we would say around of 50-100 Taliban spread across the region. RPG attacks have been the highest in the region so we should be careful, also with all the IED's we should take it slow.

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29th Feb 2016
Wrong briefing format?
Operation HALBERD
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