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Operation Providence
7:20 PM Sat 19th Mar 2016 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation Providence

Op Start: 11:00
Current Weather: Sandstorm.
Future Weather: Sandstorm.

Geographical Overview
Map: Zargabad
Relief: Urban area surrounded by desert.
Impassable Terrain: None.
Base Grid: 492 115

Conflict Overview
Iraqi army units invaded Kuwait to establish it as Iraqi territory and improve Iraq's economically destute situation.

Recent Events
Iraqi units invaded this morning and so far heavy fighting has been going on in and around Zargabad, Kuwait's second biggest city. Iraqi units have taken possesion of the eastern half of the city with Kuwaiti forces still in control of the western half. The eastern half of the cities, now controlled by the Iraqis, also includes the British embassy, that was unable to evacuate in time.

Our force is being deployed from a Saudi airbase south of the Border with Kuwait to rescue said embassy personnel. The mission has a high priority and due to the unavailability of usual strategic assets this force is being sent in.

Task Organization
Forcetype: Air  Assault
Attachements: sniper team.

Situation BLUFOR
Numbers: 80
Force Type: Dismounted
LocStat: Western half of the city, past the mosque.
Weapons: M16s, PKMs, MP5s, M136s
Equipment: American export desert camouflage.
Rules of Engagement: Currently in heavy fighting with Iraqi units.

Situation OPFOR
Numbers: An estimated batallion in and around the city, about 2 platoons around the embassy. Reinforcements en route.
Force Type: Mostly dismounted with armored units.
LocStat: Eastern half of the city and attacking from the NORTH / NORTH-EAST.
Weapons: AK47s, RPGs, RPKs, Makarovs. Likely man-portable AT and AA weaponry.
Equipment: Plain dark green with M1 helmets.
Training: Conscripts, poor military training.

Siuation Independent
CivPop: ~40 still in the city, fleeing.
Allegiance: Kuwaiti Army
Transport: Civillian cars, busses.

To rescue the embassy personnel currently being held hostage in the embassy.


Objective 1: Recapture the embassy and the hostages. 

Objective 2: Defend the embassy.  

Objective 3: Extract the embassy personnel back to base. 

Sec. Obj. 1:  Collect vital Foreign Office documents from the offices. 

[url=http://www.thewreckingcre ...

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19th Mar 2016
Operation SATED
3 Days, 21 Hours, 55 Minutes and 14 Seconds
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