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Operation Kalinago
7:20 PM Sat 1st Oct 2016 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation Kalinago
Op Start: 05:30 – 22/08/2016
Current Weather: Clear sky, Light Fog
Future Waether: Clear sky, Light fog
Geographical Overview
Map: Island Lingor
Relief: Thick jungle, tree covered hills, small islands with a large coastline, small to medium sized cities.

Impassable Terrain: West of Prospero. The little island north of the river La Pimavera. The island west of the crossing north of Checkpoint Oeste.
Base Grid: 058-031 
Conflict Overview

The beautiful country of Saint Kitts and Nevis is located in the Caribbean Sea. The country is divided into two parts, the island of Saint Kitts to the north and Nevis to the south. The island was first colonized by the Spaniards, then the French and the British. The native people of the island, the Kalinago’s also known as Caribs, did not welcome the Europeans with welcoming arms. This lead to the war between the natives and the colonizing forces, known as the Kalinago Genocide. The island was fully ceded to the English in 1713. The two islands were governed as two different stats until they were brought together as the Saint Kitts and Nevis. The little country in the Caribbean’s was released as a Federal monarchy, by the British in the earlier eighties. Still with the queen as the over-all head of the federation.

As the British left control over the islands to the people of Saint Kitts and Nevis, the unrest started to grow. The island of Nevis thought that they were better off on their own, seeking independence from Saint Kitts and the former British rulers. In 1998 there was a public vote on the subject. The majority of the votes were for a separation of the two islands, but do to low voting turnout the proposal was dropped.    

Recent Events

The last two weeks the tension between the two islands has worsened even more. As the Olympic team was about to leave the country for Brazil, the government passed a law saying that you needed to be born on the island of Saint Kitts to precipitate under the country’s flag. That excluded all athletes born on Nevis. Demonstrations and rioting broke out on the island to the south. The people of Nevis have had enough, burning the Union Jack and pictures of the queen to show their anger towards UK and the rest of the remaining British Empire.

As the closing ceremony of the Olympics was broadcasted on televisions around the world, a large crowd overwhelmed the Saint Kitts armed forces. Taking over the island of Saint Kitts. It is up to us to restore the security in the Caribbean Sea and defend what remains of the former so great British Empire.  

Task Organization
 Forcetype: Dismounted
 Attachements: Sniper Team

 Situation BLUFOR
 Numbers: N/A
 Force Type: N/A
 LocStat: N/A
 Weapons: N/A
 Equipment: N/A
 Rules of Engagement: N/A 

 Situation OPFOR
 Numbers: +150
 Force Type: Mostly dismounted infantry but expect light mechanized.  
 LocStat: Expect patrols around the jungles as well as the main roads. Intel shows military presence in smaller villages as well as the major cities, checkpoints and other military positions.
 Equipment: Known weapons are as follows, M-70B1, M-76, M-92, AKM, AKM-GP25, AKS-74U, PKM, Kar98K. Known vehicles are as follows, UAZ-3151, URAL-4320, BTR-70
 Training: The coup consists of separatist militia with low to non military training. The separatists are not expected to show any regards towards civilian casualties.  

 Siuation Independent
 CivPop: +200
 Allegiance: The majority of the civilian population of Saint Kitts is against the rebellion forces from Nevis. It is unknown how many who support the separatists. Civilian casualties it to be avoided at all cost.   
Transport: Standard five door vehicles, Trucks for civilian use.  

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1st Oct 2016
Im so sorry boys, but i have to cancel at the last moment, AGAIN... I forgot my charger for my laptop (Yes, i play on a laptop) at my school, so im borrowing one from a friend. The charger im borrowing, can barely keep my laptop running. It cant even charge the battery in my computer... I will see ya at the next op, i guess... :c
25th Sep 2016
25th Sep 2016
The battalions intent with this operation is to secure the island of Saint Kitts. Secure the city of Corazon and free all British citizens trapped inside the hotel. Cut of the head of the snake, kill or capture the leader of the uprising, crushing the rebellion.
25th Sep 2016

Objective 1: Push north from the FOB at Prospero towards the city of Corazon. Take out the enemies located in the town and free the British tourists trapped inside the hotel. Expect contact at Checkpoint Sur.

Objective 2: Find and located the separatist commander. Take the circumstances into count, capture or kill. The commander is presumed to be located in the Presidente Palace in the capital of Maruko.
Operation One Fire
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