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Operation Revenant
7:20 PM Sat 19th Nov 2016 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation REVENANT

Op Start: hours: 0300
Current Weather: Full moon.
Future Weather: Clear sky.

Geographical Overview
Map: @isladuala_a3
Relief: Island with urban areas. 2 major cities and smaller villages around the area.
Impassable Terrain: None.
Base grid: Aeroporto Molatia International.

Conflict Overview
Isla Duala is a small island nation off the coast of Spain, some 400 nautical miles away. However, the island was always devided in two regions. The mainland Isla Duala and Isla Vixena which is ruled by a ruthless governor Jose Ramon Especa. The global community has been pressuring the president of Isla Duala to unify the two islands under one banner, which Jose Ramon is highly against and has declared his part of the island a sovereign nation. The UN has decided enough was enough. A statment was released in which the UN will send one regiment of airborne troops to the island to provide peace and stability.

Recent Events
The president of Isla Duala, Esteban Rodrigo Espanto Dominguez has been assasinated by his rival Jose Ramon Especa and has began moving his troops into mainland Isla Duala. UN has decided it will react by sending a platoon of airborne infantry that is stationed on the island to contain the situation and eliminate the ruthless leader.

Task Organization
Forcetype: British 90s Airborne.
Attachements: None.

Situation OPFOR
Numbers: 20.
Force Type: Dismounted garrison.
LocStat: FOB Liberacion.
Weapons: AK74, PKM, RPG-7, DShKM static HMG.
Equipment: Green/beige uniforms and grey helmets.
Training: Regular.

Numbers: 10-20.
Force Type: Dismounted garrison.
LocStat: Cainna Wind.
Weapons: AK74, PMM.
Equipment: Green/beige uniform and green berets.
Training: Police training.

Numbers: 50+.
Force Type: Motorized garrison.
LocStat: SLA Commander Villa.
Weapons: AK74, PKM, RPG-7, BRDM 2, BTR 60.
Equipment: Green/beige uniform and grey helmets.
Training: Regular.

Numbers: 100+.
Force Type: Various.
LocStat: Patroling all around Isla Vixena.
Weapons: AK74, PKM, RPG-7, BRDM 2, BTR 60.
Equipment: Green/beige uniform and grey helmets.
Training: Regular.

Situation Independent
CivPop: Civilian populace is still present in the area. They are under close watch by the military and the special Especas police.
LocStat: All around Isla Vixena.
Allegiance: Most are still loyal to the military governor Jose Ramon Especa.
Transport: Ural truck, UAZ, Škoda 105, Datsun pickup.

Secure Isla Vixena and eliminate Jose Ramon.

Objective 1: Jose Ramon has a villa located in the south west part of the island. If killed, it will severly demoralise the Army.
Objective 2: The SLA Base on the docks is being used for various smuggling. Reports by MI6 confirm chemical weapon presence.
Objective 3: Secure the Island by clearing major towns of military presence.

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14th Nov 2016
Cannot attend due to school related competition.
Operation One Fire
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