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Operation SATRON
8:20 PM Sat 14th Jan 2017 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation SATRON

Op Start: hours: 0700
Current Weather: Clear sky.
Future Weather: Clear sky.

Geographical Overview
Map: Sahrani
Relief: Mountainous and tall hills with multiple large towns.
Impassable Terrain: None.
Base grid:Northeastern Airfield

Conflict Overview

Sahrani was one of the first islands lost to a Russian invasion in the Russian-European war, but now it is one of the few holdouts as Nato forces push them back. High command has been unwilling to do a bombing campaign as the civilian cost would be extreme.

Recent Events
Command has created plans for an amphibious landing in north Sahrani as the terrain has not allowed for Russian defenses. An Airborne platoon is to land behind enemy lines to secure or render the PARAISO airfield inoperable to Russian Forces. Both landings have been supported with SEAD and bombings of hostile AA and coastal defenses.

Task Organization
Forcetype: British ColdWar Airborne
Attachments: Scimitar + Harrier.

Situation BLUFOR
Numbers: 1 Battalion
Force Type: Amphibious.
LocStat: Landing in Northern Saharani
Weapons: M-16, M60, LVTP-7
Equipment: Woodland Camo
Training: Regular.

Situation OPFOR
Numbers: 1 Company+
Force Type: Dismounted and Motorized
LocStat: PARAISO airfield, town and Corazol. Most likely with units patroling or occupying nearby areas.
Weapons: AKM, PKM, UAZ, and BTR
Equipment: Green Camouflage
Training: Regular.

Situation Independent
CivPop: Many
LocStat: Locked in their homes. (Mostly).
Allegiance: Blufor
Transport: Various civilian vehicles.

Liberate the island

Objective 1: Secure or Render inoperable PARAISO airfield.
Objective 2: Clear PARAISO
Objective 2: Find and Destroy the enemy ammo dump somewhere near PARAISO.

Role Sheet

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Chat Box
[TWC] Lemon_Pizza 10th Aug
we did a lil nifty three-man swoop of a couple of objectives
[TWC] Hobbs 9th Aug
gonna have to give it a miss tonight, still ill
[TWC] Aleyboy 9th Aug
Pub tonight 1900
[TWC] Lukey 8th Aug
I need a 2IC pls peeps
[TWC] Sarge 8th Aug
It's Pre-Op time
[TWC] nickthegreek 8th Aug
you know vodka comes from potatos sooo I do whant to be a potato
[TWC] Lukey 8th Aug
A smelly potato
[TWC] Mallas 8th Aug
Sign up for the op or you're a potato.
[TWC] Lukey 8th Aug
I'm not that spooky, sign up to the op folks
[TWC] zurxo 8th Aug
Imagine not voting on Iclans
[TWC] Sarge 7th Aug
Sign up for the Op!
[TWC] Björn 6th Aug
im doing section cmd tonight
[TWC] Aleyboy 6th Aug
Same time as usual
[TWC] Aleyboy 6th Aug
Public tonight
PbThunder 6th Aug
So I'm in the process of moving house so I'll hopefully be on by next week to play a few public server sessions and ops!
[TWC] Captain Austalia 6th Aug
I'm never sarcastic! \
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 6th Aug
omg its pb
[TWC] Vieira 6th Aug
Simpleton/singleton, don't be sarcastic. It is forbiden here.
[TWC] zurxo 6th Aug
A wild Thunder appears!
[TWC] Captain Austalia 5th Aug
Awesome! Excited to have you around!!
Operation TALISKER
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