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Operation NIMROD
8:20 PM Sat 18th Feb 2017 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation NIMROD
1990's Motorised
Map: Sahrani.
Operation Start: 05:30, 25/08/1993.
Current Weather: Clear, sunny.
Future Weather: Clear, sunny.

Conflict Overview
Sahrani is part of an island chain on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Originally colonized by Spain in the 15th century, Sahrani fell under British rule after the War of the Spanish Succession ended in 1711. After post-WWII decolonization, the island became an independent constitutional monarchy, but soon found itself in a Civil War between British and American backed monarchists and Soviet supported communists in the 1970s. After a prolonged conflict, a UN delegation managed to implement an armistice that lasts to this day, with the southern half of the island being held by the Kingdom of Sahrani and NATO troops and the northern half occupied by the Socialist Republic of Sahrani and its army; the Sahrani Liberation Army. The two states are separated by a DMZ in the town of Corazol. 

Recent Events
After the collapse of the USSR and a global de-escalation of conflict NATO units have pulled out of Sahrani since 1989. However, after a strong build-up of SLA troops along the border SACLANT has decided to halt all troops leaving the island and is preparing to re-increase its position. Meanwhile, the Royal Army Corps of Sahrani has planned multiple army-wide exercises as a show of force. An American fighter wing is combat ready at all times.
Though allied troops have been collecting intel, it is yet unknown what SLA plans are. The only British unit left on the island is posted in an FOB in the south of the island. They are expected to be on standby for tasks from RACS command 24/7 and their likely assignment in case of invasion is to reinforce the DMZ and delay any advancing SLA troops. In the meantime, RACS command is using the unit to execute various tasks and help any war preparations.
Objective 1: Pick up ammo from the RACS base at grid 115 141 and deliver it to the base at grid 123 119.
Situation OPFOR
Weapons: AK47, PKM, RPG, Makarov.
Uniform: Olive-green camouflage and helmets.
Vehicles: BMP-1, BMP-2, T-72, T-55, Mi-8, BTR-60P.
Situation Civilians:
CivPop: Approx. 500 located in towns. Mostly inside due to curfew and martial law.
Allegiance: RACS/NATO.

Situation BLUFOR
Weapons: M16A2, M420, M47 Dragon, M1911, MAAWS.
Uniform: American-style desert BDU. PASGT helmets.
Vehicles: AAV-P7, M60A3, Land Rovers, M113, A-10 Thunderbolt.

Role Sheet

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Operation HUSH
1 Day, 17 Hours, 42 Minutes and 13 Seconds
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