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Map: Mogadishu
Operation Start: 15:25
Weather: Clear Sky, slight wind from South-East

Conflict Overview 
   Following the failure of the monitoring mission created as UNOSOM by the United Nations, the United States offered to lead a substantial intervention force, chiefly made up of American personnel. This was accepted by the UN, authorising the use of "all necessary means to establish as soon as possible a secure environment for humanitarian relief operations in Somalia". The U.S. contribution would be known as Operation Restore Hope, which joined a multinational force and became known as the United Task Force (UNITAF).

   UNITAF and the arrangement of U.S. control was only intended as a transitional state of affairs. The mission consisted of four carefully laid out phases. The first phase was the initial deployment. Second was the expansion of the security zone to the surrounding regions of southern Somalia. The third phase included a further expansion of the security zone into Kismayo and Bardera and the maintenance of secure land routes for humanitarian operations throughout the security zone. The fourth and final phase consisted of the handing over of operations to the United Nations and the withdrawal of most of the UNITAF forces. The new UN-controlled mission to be called UNOSOM II was established by the Security Council did not formally take over operations in Somalia until UNITAF was dissolved on 4 May 1993.

   The hunt for Aidid, one of the warlords vying for presedency who continously ordered attacks on UN forces, characterised much of the UNOSOM II intervention. The increasing tempo of military operations carried out in Mogadishu began to cause civilian casualties and affected the relationship between the foreign troops and the Somali people. The UN troops were portrayed as foreign interlopers, particularly after incidents of civilian casualties caused by wholesale firing into crowds.

   Somalis that had been disappointed by the failure of the UN to disarm the warlords in Mogadishu actually began to support those same warlords with a "us versus them" rationale. Islamism also began to rise, as militia leaders sought to use religion as a rallying point for anti-UN sentiment. As the Americans became more insular, the warlords began to reassert control of many Mogadishu districts. With each failure to apprehend Aidid, the militias grew more bold.

Recent Events
   On 8 August 1993, Aidid's militia detonated a remote controlled bomb against a U.S. military vehicle, killing four soldiers. Two weeks later another bomb injured seven more. In response the President approved the proposal to deploy a special task force composed of U.S. Army Rangers and Delta Force operators.

   Today at 13:50, Task Force Ranger analysts received intelligence of Salad's location. Our plan to apprehend these via an aerial insertion and transporting them out of the city with HMMVWs has until recently gone as planned, with us only sustaining one casualty in form of an operator falling out of a helicopter.

   However we have just received message that one of our helicopters has been shot down. While a Sniper team has been deployed to the site they will need further assistance to evacuate the survivors. Our platoon of elte Delta Operators has been detached from the main convoy to reinforce them at the crashsite, pick them up and evacuate to our base at the airfield.

- Link up with the sniper team and the otehr survivors of the crashsite.
- Evacuate to the American airport south-west of the city.

Situation OPFOR
Weapons: Various Western and Soviet Made weapons
Uniform: None.
Vehicles: Improvised fighting vehicles.

Situation Civilians
Population: 800.000, mostly in their homes
Allegiance: Neutral or hostile to american forces

Situation Allies
Weapons: Standard US  Equipment.
Uniform: Standard US  Uniform.
Vehicles: Standard US  Armour and vehicles.

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