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Operation AIGAS
7:20 PM Sat 8th Apr 2017 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation AIGAS
Modern COIN Motorised (Foxhound)
Recon Attachment

Operation Start: 13:30
Weather: Clear

Conflict Overview 
   Following the Invasion in 2002 and the ousting of the Takistani Parcham Regime, the country of Takistan (officially Federal Republic of Takistan) has been in continous turmoil. During the occupation both the royalist and Parcham sympathisers armed themselfs to gain political leverage and institute their vision of the new Takistani Regime. However the Coalition Forces promoted an entirely new faction into power: The Republicans. Their mutual hatred had the Parcham, along with parts of the royalists and traditionalists, form the Mudafe.

   Following the formation of a government led by the Republicans and supported by the Coalition Forces a large scale insurgency virtually all over the country broke loose. In response to the inability of the new government to deal with this crisis the Coalitian formed the Takistan Security and Assistance Force (TSAF) in 2004, mostly consisting of the forces of the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Czech Republic.

   During their 13 years of commitment the TSAF forces have continously relenquished control over territory in favour of the Federal Takistani Defense Force (FTDF) who are expected to eventually hold and control the territory themselfs. The large task of holding extremism at bay however seems ever to large for the increasingly corrupt FTDF and is not aided by the fact that the Mudafe recently announced their alliance with ISIS and are expected to recieve their support.

Recent Events
   Our FOB Aigas is situated at the border to the territorial control zone of the FTDF. Relationships with the local Takistani forces has not been great and as such, unannounced crossing into each other territory has often lead to friendly fire accidents, as the FTDF have adopted a strict policiy of shooting at everything that has a weapon.

   The Governour of the Tamir Region, Nawid Salehi has been a strong and popular promoter of the increasingly unpopular government and the TSAF mission. He is expected to visit the Takistani Military Base at Khassadar today at around 14:00. More as a sign of good will than of actual military importance we are to guard and present the bridge just before the border to the Takistani military district, nicknamed 'Crisk'. The contstruction of this bridge has been the most visible effort of our Platoon at AIGAS and represents British commitment to the TSAF effort.

   The bridge itself has been checked for IEDs by the PMC in charge of Salehis motorcade. They have maintaned a presence there since their arrival this morning and are to be relieved by ourselfs in full strength. Furthermore they handle the control of the crowd that has assembled on a nearby hill as celebration of Salehis arrival

- Guard 'Crisk' till the arrival of Salehi and present it to him.
  As this is more a ceremonial effort than it is a military one we are expected to show of a proper defense of the bridge itself without dispersing our troops too much, we want our effort to be visible after all.

Situation OPFOR
Weapons: Various Western and Soviet made weapons
Uniform: Not applicable.
Vehicles: Improvised fighting vehicles, civilian vehicles.

Situation Civilians
Population: Crowd of 30-40 on a nearby hill. In our military district none north of the Tamir Wali, around 50 south of it.
Allegiance: Mostly neutral.

Situation Allies
Weapons: M16, G36.
Uniform: Dark blue Vests, shirts, pants and caps.
Vehicles: Black hatchbacks, jeeps and SUVs.

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6th Apr 2017
do i select my role here or not?
3rd Apr 2017
Guess we are only playing zeus now... Hmmm... There is already two Modern operations added by members, so I don't understand why we are playing zeus once agian..
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