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Operation YETTI
6:15 PM Sat 15th Apr 2017 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation YETTI
Late Cold War Dismounted
by Fakematty

Operation Start:  13:00
Current Weather: Cloudy
Map: Emita

Conflict Overview:
   On the date of 7th June 1987, the Soviet Union launched a massive attack on Europe from behind the Iron Curtain. The first city to be captured was west Berlin, due to its greater strategic value as all major roads lead in and out of the city. The Soviets then had an upper hand with resupplying and refuelling their troops as they stormed across most of Germany and Austria.

   This was an expected shock to NATO forces and they were temporarily in disarray as the wall of steel stormed across the green of Europe's fields. However, the forces united and created a strong defensive line only just 50 km from the French border. There has been a standoff for the past Month with only a few skirmishes happening in no man's land, however,  tensions have been extremely high with a few threats of nuclear launches from both sides.

   There have been many close calls of major nuclear weapons being used with one or two Davy Crockett’s being fired in the first days of the invasion, however, none hit any major targets.

   Most of the cities on the coast have been heavily guarded as lots of oil tankers have been arriving recently, intelligence suggests that these are carrying fuel for helicopters and jets. This with the increase of air assault and airborne regiments have been amassing on the frontline suggests that the Soviets are preparing for another airborne assault on the NATO frontline.

Recent Events:
   One city In no man's land is Emita held entirely by the Soviet Guerillas, making most civilians flee the city due to the massive amount of artillery being laid upon the city. Most of the East of the city has been destroyed so most of the defences are to the west of the city.

   These Soviet Guerillas have captured anti-communist civilians and local government. One of these was the mayor Klaus Kellner, son of prominent social democrat diarist Friedrich Kellner, he has been held captive at the stadium for more than 30 days now. As a threat, they have sent two molars claiming them to be Kellner’s teeth via an anonymous package left at NATO high command in Brussels.

   Along with the mutilation of Kellner many civilians have been killed and put into mass graves, this has been discovered after capturing a VHS tape which is being copied and distributed among theSoviet  occupied cities. (See Evidence article Evidence A2JKO43)

   So we will be recapturing Emita city as a combined effort all along the front as NATO will be launching major assaults on the cities consisting of Bremen, Brunswick, Cassel, Wurzburg, Nuremberg, Augsburg and Munich. We hope that this will cause a massive strain on Russian forces and in their panic NATO can push further into their lines.

- Save the local government and civilians being held in the stadium.
- Capture Emita

Situation Opfor:
Weapons: General Soviet equipment
Uniform: Woodland camo mixed with civilian camo

Situation Civilians:
Population: None. Fled the city.

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Operation SATED
3 Days, 20 Hours, 25 Minutes and 21 Seconds
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