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Operation LILLY
6:20 PM Sat 29th Apr 2017 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Late World War II Armoured Infantry

Operation Start:0600 – 07/JUNE/1944
Current Weather: Heavy Rain
Future Weather: Heavy Rain
Map: Neaville

Conflict Overview:

The invasion of Normandy has just begun.  Operation Overlord is ongoing. We are gaining ground in all directions. But the advance is slow do to the German resistant. The Germans is making it almost impossible for the Allies to advance with their armored divisions due to heavy resistances. As the USA push on to the west towards Cherbourg, the British and the rest of the commonwealth forces push towards the city of Caen. A German armored divisions has taken us by surprise and we are meeting harder resistance then we had predicted.

Recent Events:
0015: Weather report heavy rain in the early morning hours, continuing through the day.
0045: Our platoon reach Gold beach.
0100: Platoon command is briefed at headquarters and ordered to move out towards the city of Neaville.
0130: The platoon leaves the headquarters and the beach, moving west.
0300: The platoon link up with two Cromwell tanks around three kilometers south of Neaville.
0315: The platoon prepares a FOB and sets up defensives for the remaining of the night.
0500: Radio messages from headquarters reports that the American forces are pushing up to the east along with friendly forces to the south west.
0530: Fresh intel reports show heavy armored presences to the north of Neaville. Unconfirmed reports of a Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. E.
0600: Headquarters orders us to start our advance north towards the city of Neaville.

The battalions intent with this operation is to secure the city of Neaville. We are tasked with clearing out any defensive positions south of the city. Move to “Neaville” and wait for the remaining of the ally forces.

Objective 1: As our first objective of the day we are to move north of our position and take out the enemy fortified position around the farms at La Durandiere. It is an important task for us since we are not able to push north, due to the PAK 40 covering towards the road.
Objective 2: We have intel of a German trench line around 500 meters northeast of La Durandiere. We are to push up and clear out the entire trench line. It is the last major fortified position between us and the city of Neaville.
Objective 3: As the last assignment we are to clear out the city of Neaville. We have limited information’s on the city, but some of them show fortified positions on each road leading into town. There is a military compound in the northwest part of town. If we should reach the town before the remaining of the ally forces, we are to set up defensives and wait for their arrival. The key locations in the town will be the church and the crossroads in the center of town. There might be German supplies that can aid us in the defense at the military base.

Situation Wehrmacht (OPFOR):
Weapons: Standard German Weaponry
Uniform: Standard German Uniforms (Grey and Camo)
Vehicles: Standard German Vehicles

Situation Civilians:

Situation Blufor:
Weapons: Standard US Equipment
Uniform: Standard US Uniform
Vehicles: M4A3 Shermans

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