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Operation Tropical
8:20 PM Sat 3rd Jun 2017 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation Tropical


Operation Start: 4:00 am 19/10/2018
Current Weather: Clear sky
Future Weather: Partially cloudy, possible rain

Conflict Overview:
The country is the Brexitson. Recently formed republic after independence from the UK in the early 2000’s. Is an archipelago in the Atlantic, near the African Coast. It’s main economy is based on tourism and it’s high availability of medicinal plants. Main issue of the country, is that after it’s independence, drug lords took the fragile moment of “Forming a Country” to get in and settle. Then it has been ever since influenced by this drugs lords.

Increased violence and paradise for drug lords, raised some riots throughout the country requesting that they fight the drug lords and it’s militias. The Government of Brexitson requested aid from the UN, since it’s police force and Free Army of Brexitson was completely corrupt. The aid request was denied, once that international attention was turned to the Middle East theater.

This country is now on the spot of international attention on the 22nd October 2017. Armed militia, called Force Independent of Autorita (FIA) stormed the Free Army of Brexitson HQ in Maruko. With an unknown number of casualties, civilian and military. On the following weeks, several FAB emplacements were attacked by so called FIA.

The claim is that FIA is an “union” of the drug lords militias that was formed with one purpose: coup. To turn the country into a country of drug lords. After 2 months of intense attacks, the stats of Civil War was declared.

The Government of Brexitson was underwhelmed by a high cut of its on corrupt FAB and police forces, as well as the FIA.

By the end of February 2018, the capital was completely occupied by FIA forces. Destination of the government personal is unknown. The type of Government installed was also unclear.

Recent Events:
March: All cities were occupied by FIA and mass murdering was being reported by international media.
April: UK stepped up to take part on the retake of the island the reestablish a democratic government in the Island.
May: UN emergency meeting voted on assigning to UK the task of direct military intervention on the island.

June-September: Reconnaissance flights over the island, spec ops infiltrated, and recon missions were performed by UK.
Intel indicates that the best way to start retaking the island is through the south west. Least presence of civilians and FIA personnel.
All intel will be shown on the map in the company briefing

Infiltrate the south-west of the island
Take the El Villon Península
Set security to the west and north
Hold your position against any counter attack from FIA.

Situation Opfor:
Weapons: Sovie equipment, AK and variants
Uniform: SLA Uniform (Camo)
Vehicles: UAZ, URAL, BRDM, BTR, BMP, ZSU-23, Mi-8T, Mi-24D, SU-25, T-72

Situation Civilians:
Population: Present.
Allegiance: Divided in support of FIA and intervention from foreign force.

Situation Blufor: 1 PLATOON (4 SECTIONS)
Position: Assault Boats prepared for the insertion on the south-eastern part of the island.
Weapons: NATO weapons
Uniform: British Army Uniform
Vehicles: NATO Vehicles

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1st Jun 2017
Infiltrate the south-west of the island"

It is on the south-east of the island, not west.
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can someone send me the password for acre public on ts
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Public is live!
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Operation FRESHMAN
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