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Operation ESCOMB
6:20 PM Sat 17th Jun 2017 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation ESCOMB
Nineties Mechanised

Era: Nineties
Forcetype: Mechanised
Vehicles: FV510
Attachment: Mechanised Reconnaisance (FV107)

Operation Start: T.B.A
Current Weather: Overcast
Map: Chernarus

Conflict Overview:
 With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the increasing ineptness of the Russian Federation to protect the ethnic Russian minorities in the newly independent Chernarussian Republic the Russians, together with the remnants of the KSČLR (Communist Party of the Chernarussian Peoples Republic) formed the ČDKZ (Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star, colloquially known as Čedaki). They have demanded independence for the region of South Zagoria, Chernogora, Trans-Bumaya and the Belozersk region and armed themselves with left over equipment from the Red Armies troops in Chernarussia.

 With NATO opening up to Chernarussia it has decided to offer aid in fighting the Chedaki. The initial commitment of military advisors and equipment soon proved to be of little help against the well armed and well trained Chedaki. To save face in the New World after the collapse of the USSR NATO has commited increasingly more ressources to the Green Sea region and has recently deployed American, British and German ground forces to the immediate coastal areas. Initially intended to only be a show of force, the CDFs dire state has led the NATO Command to take a more active part in the developing Chernarussian War.

  The Precedent for this intervention was laid down during Operation STENWICK, when British NATO forces pushed back the troops of the ČDKZ from the Tulga area, which prompted a further retreat to Pass Oreshka and Dolina. The British losses during this operation remain controversial in the United Kingdom and the public opinion is divided between further intervention or deescalation and retreat. Generally speaking however, it doesn't seem like the Chernarussian War will be resolved peacefully any time soon.

Recent Events:
  During Operation Raund our armoured forces managed to gain control over the large flat fields south of the Airfield while simultaniously weakening the airfield itself. As such we have forced the ČDKZ to retreat to the edges of these fields with their remaining tank force. Here they are reasonably well protected against our armoured force, as they lay in ambushes with ATGMs and heavily entrenched tanks. With NATO forces already so present in their border region, Russia has demanded that no further MBTs be deployed into this reason and as a show of good faith NATO high command has agreed. As such the British Army in this region will be mostly reinforced by mechanised and light tank forces to further our advance

  While our platoon was on transit to their positions for an assault around the airfield, our offensive has been brought to a sudden halt by a ČDKZ counter-offensive through the UN-protected Zone. While the UN don't report casualties so far, this is a diplomatic affront, that noone wiltake lightly. It has also thrown our forces, especially the CDF into disarray. Our Platoon is now to act as a quick reaction force and contain the enemies advance and to push it back if possible.

  As the offensive wasn't planned until a further few days, the logistical situation for infantry is problematic. While our platoon was fully combat equiped, we didn't have much spare ammo. Our logistical teams are currently trying to scramble what we have left on our airbase naval bases to aid you but don't expect it any time soon!

-Push back the ČDKZ advances
-Investigate the situation in the UN-protected Zone

Situation ČDKZ (OpFor)
Weapons: Red Army leftovers: AK-47, AK-74, RPK, PKM, RPG-9.
Uniform: Various Red Army Camouflages: mostly green and blue colour schemes.
Vehicles: Red Army leftovers: T-72, BMP-1, BMP-2, BTR-60.

Situation Civilians
Population: All villages in the Area of Operations have civilian presence
Civilian Population: Divided across ethnic lines, refer to   This Document

Situation CDF
Weapons: Red Army leftovers: AK-74, RPK, PKM, RPG-9.
Uniform: Red Army Mountain Pattern
Vehicles: Red Army leftovers: T-72, BMP-1, BMP-2, BTR-60.

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