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Operation LEONE
7:20 PM Sat 19th Aug 2017 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation LEONE
Millenial Motorised
Era: 1990's
Forcetype: Motorised
Vehicles: Land Rover
Attachment: AT-Team (MILAN-Landrover)

Operation Start: 6:30 30.8.1992
Current Weather: Clear
Map: Dariyah

Conflict Overview:
   In response to the Takistani invasion of nearby Kingdom of Avhaz the so-called Coalition of the Willing has come together on the Takistani border to assert diplomatic pressure. AFter 2 months of not yeielding to the coalitions demands and the UN-Security council officially sanctioning their actions, the Coalition has decided to first free Avhaz and then move iinto Takistani territory to disable any retaliation., These two Operations were called 'Desert Shield' and 'Desert Storm' respectivly.
   Operation 'Desert Shield' has been a full success and the Takistani forces have been driven out of Avhaz, now it is on the remaing coalition forces to drive into Takistani territory and cut down their ability to stage another such invasion. While we are making great advances with our armoured forces, the Takistanis are heads over heals on the retreat.
   During the occupation of Avhaz, certain Takistani Generals have gone to great lengths to acquire riches through plunder and blackmail. The Coalition of the Willing has sworn to recover the stolen cultural and monetary treasures of the Avhazian people and to bring the looters who stole it to justice.
Recent Events:
   While our armoured regiments persue the Takistani armoured Divisions further in the south, one of the looters of Avhaz, a petty general by the name of Al-Bidayiy, has moved north, into the Al-Dariyah region. This region is of no strategic importance but it is likely that Al-Bidayiy can make his escape here if not persued further.
   Our platoon has been in hot pursuit of Al-Bidayiy ever since he has left Avhaz and we have been given the go ahead by high command to further follow him into the Dariyah region where we hope to apprehend or otehrwise deal with him. While the bulk of the Takistani forces is presumably further in the south it is likely that Al-Bidayiy has some of his soldiers stationed in this region to cover his escape. Theoretically he was the enemy of a mechanized brigade but considering the corruption in the army in genral and under Al-Bidayiy in particular he may have acquired heavier vehicle or sold off his own.
   We are currently situated at what we believe to be Al-Bidayiy's last camp. The tracks in the sand seem to point to the east and we shall soon follow them...
-Apprehend Al-Bidayiy if possible, lethal force is authorised as a last resort.
-Recover the goods stolen from Avhaz

Situation Army of Takistan(OpFor)
Weapons: FN-FAL, PKM, M16, RPG-7
Uniform: Khaki cloths and helmet, higher officers wear black berets.
Vehicles: T-72, T-55, BMP-1, BMP-2, BTR-60, UAZ, Land Rover.

Situation Civilians
Population: The villages in this region are populated
Civilian Population: Unknown. Dariyah is a rather tribal region to every village is expected to have a different view of Al-Bidayiy and our presence here.

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[TWC] Hobbs 10:23
Public tonight starting around 6
[TWC] Chaza 23:25
XD - "Bang Fuck - The two sounds that make up a Negligent / Unauthorised Discharge"
[TWC] nickthegreek 25th Apr
public tonight
[TWC] Rik 25th Apr ... glish_military_slang­ Mandatory reading before Saturday
[TWC] Chaza 25th Apr
Oh am gutted to miss that. Remember to say cunt alot and then offer vegemite sandwiches to everyone
[TWC] Mallas 25th Apr
They're not, they're only upside down.
[TWC] jayman 25th Apr
Are we just going to ignore that the letters are backwards too
[TWC] Mallas 24th Apr
Mɥʎ uoʇ ɔoɯɯǝɯoɹɐʇǝ ∀NZ∀Ɔ ɟoɹɔǝs ʇoɯoɹɹoʍ qʎ pǝɟǝupᴉuƃ ┴oqɹnʞ ʇɥᴉs Sɐʇnɹpɐʎ¿ Sᴉƃu nd ɟoɹ ʇɥǝ odǝɹɐʇᴉᴉou¡
[TWC] Mallas 24th Apr
This is what Rik meant, considering we're playing ANZAC....
[TWC] Rik 24th Apr
Why not commemorate ANZAC forces tomorrow by defending Tobruk this Saturday? Sign up for the operatiion!
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 23rd Apr
Don't forget to vote!
[TWC] Chaza 20th Apr
Sign up for the op my dudes
[TWC] Lukey 20th Apr
What a meme
[TWC] jayman 20th Apr
Next time someone complains about accurate AI play this: ... amp;
[TWC] freez 19th Apr
public time
[TWC] Aleyboy 19th Apr
I’ll be there
[TWC] freez 19th Apr
[TWC] Hobbs 19th Apr
Pub tonight?
Operation FALCHION
1 Day, 8 Hours, 45 Minutes and 55 Seconds
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