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Operation MAZARIN
7:20 PM Sat 12th Aug 2017 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation MAZARIN
Cold War Dismounted
Era: Early Cold War
Forcetype: Dismounted
Attachment: AT-Team (Bazooka)

Operation Start: 15:00 3. November 1956
Current Weather:Clear
Map: Diyala

Conflict Overview:
   Four years ago, Egyptian Officers incited a Coup d'état against the British-backed Kingdom of Egypt, severly threatening British Interest in the Region. This year, Gamal Abdel Nasser, an Arab Nationalist has announced his anti-imperialist Ambitions, threatening both the Empire as well as the French, who fear that the fire of revolution may spread to it's colonies in the Magreb and Syria. The newly established Israel is still under threat from the Arabs around them, who seek revenge after the humiliation of 1948 and are thus a target for Nassers ambitions, who seeks to unify the Arab world.

   To kickstart Egyptian industrialisation, Nassers seeks to construct a dam near Aswan. After he failed to secure American help for this, he turned to the Soviets who have supported his regime with weapons through Czechoslovakia. While Soviet influence is spreading in this vita region, he seeks to also fund this gigantic project by nationaising the highly profitable Suez Cannel, which so far has been under British control in one way or another. In July, Nasser finally made his move. The nationalisation came as a surprise to the Empire and Britain will not tolerate such imputend Action against it's Power. France and Israel have since then been included in the joint-planning, both having vested interest in the region.

   Two weeks ago Israel has started it's Operation Kadash and invaded the Sinai peninsula (as well the the Palestinian Gaza strip) and has been on a steady drive to the channel. The French and British Government have announced that, in order to keep the channel open during this grieve conflict, they will deploy troops and establish a safe zone around the cannal. Now this plan is set into motion: Operation Musketeer in underway.

Recent Events:
   With the Egyptian Airforce defeated in the first few days of the conflict and after a hampered landing, we have secured a bridgehead at Port Said. We now drive further south to secure the channel in it's entirety.

   Our platoon has been tasked with securing the highway intersetion between Al Ubaidy and Rasheed. In order to get there we first have to take a small wooden bridge over a nearby river, codenamed Emilia. Intel suggest each objective is defended by about a platoon of infantry, the objectives along the highway seem to be protected by armour as well.
- Secure the small bridge over the Diyala River (Codename: Emilia).
- Secure the town of Al Ubaidy on the approach to the highway intersection.
- Secure the highway intersection (Codemane: Alice).
- Secure the town of Rasheed behind the highway intersetion.

Situation Army of the Republic of Egypt (OpFor)
Weapons: Lee-Enfield Rifles, AK Assault Rifles, RPD Light Machine Guns,
Uniform:Brown fatigues, British-style Webbing Soviet Style Helmets
Vehicles:T-34 and Sherman tanks, Trucks

Situation Civilians
Population: Possibly fled
Civilian Population: Hostile, but likely unarmed

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[TWC] Captain Austalia 11th Apr
Where is the AAR >
[TWC] Rik 10th Apr
'T is.
[TWC] jayman 10th Apr
The countdown is good right?
[TWC] Crabb 10th Apr
Sign up for the operation tonight¬
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