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7:20 PM Sat 9th Sep 2017 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Cold War Armoured

Era: Late Cold War
Forcetype: Armoured.
Vehicles: FV4201 Chieftain, FV4205 AVLB, FV4204 ARV, FV432 Ambulance, Bedford MK.

Operation Start: 7:00, 5/5/1972
Current Weather: Heavily overcast, light rain.
Future Weather: Heavily overcast, light rain.
Map: @beketov

Conflict Overview:
After the unsuccessful Soviet invasion of Western Europe earlier this year, multiple counterattacks by NATO forces have begun. While USMC and Royal Marines secured a bridgehead in northern Poland, NORTHAG pushed the Soviets back into Eastern Germany. Czechoslovakia has fallen to the advancing NATO forces as well, with the first units pushing into southern Poland. The gap is closing on Soviet forces, with Warsaw now being directly threatened.

Recent Events:
One major city in southern Poland, Beketov, has proven to be a difficult obstacle en route to Warsaw. British infantry has dislodged the Soviets from the area south of Beketov, but there is still a large concentration of Soviet motorised infantry in town, as well as armour and infantry north of town. Army command has formed an ad-hoc unit (Task Force Wellesley) consisting of mechanised infantry and armour to finish the envelopment and ultimately capture Beketov.

Armoured units will execute a fast attack north of Beketov with the objective of penetrating as far as possible. Mechanised infantry will move in behind them taking up tactical positions to trap as many Soviets as possible. Meanwhile, other units of mechanised infantry will pin the Soviets down in town.

Seize Crossing (060 928): In order for friendly units to lock down the area around Beketov, this crossing must be clear and open. The bridge at this crossing is out, so the AVLB is needed.
Seize Crossing (083 923): In order for friendly units to lock down the area around Beketov, this crossing must be clear and open.
Secure Highway (176 945): To finalize the surrounding of Beketov, this rear area of the highway leading east must be secured and held so that no Soviet forces will escape.

Secondary objectives:
Investigate reconnaissance reports of a small Soviet camp (062 945).
Seize the junction so friendly forces may easily envelop Beketov (103 915).
Secure the crash site of a friendly Hercules C4 (129 917).

Situation Opfor:
Weapons: AKM, RPK, PKM, RPG-7.
Uniform: Green flora, green helmets.
Vehicles: UAZ, T-55, T-62, T-64, Ural Truck, BTR-60, BMP-1, ZSU-23 Shilka.

Situation Civilians:
Population: Little to none (fled ahead of the war)
Allegiance: Mostly neutral, some loyal to the communist government of Poland.

Situation Blufor:
Weapons: L1A1 SLR, L7 GPMG, L4 Bren, L2A3 Sterling,
Uniform: 1968 Pattern DPM, Mk3 Helmet.
Vehicles: Land Rover, FV4201 Chieftain, Bedford MK, FV432.

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[TWC] Lukey 05:11
What a meme
[TWC] jayman 01:04
Next time someone complains about accurate AI play this: ... amp;
[TWC] freez 19th Apr
public time
[TWC] Aleyboy 19th Apr
I’ll be there
[TWC] freez 19th Apr
[TWC] Hobbs 19th Apr
Pub tonight?
[TWC] Vieira 17th Apr
fricking art
[TWC] freez 17th Apr
it was hidden
[TWC] Harry 16th Apr
what game this week?
[TWC] Aleyboy 16th Apr
[TWC] freez 16th Apr
Community Game Night aleyboy
[TWC] Aleyboy 16th Apr
Public 1900, be there
[TWC] Chaza 16th Apr
The possibilites are endless! - http://www.chinook-helico ... l_Cargo/Baggage.html
[TWC] Chaza 16th Apr
Aye, just saying that the IRL solution is to just pop the weapon off, drive on/off and re-attach, which is a 2 sec job
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 16th Apr
the softtop is the only one with the stripdown option, as you're aware
[TWC] Chaza 16th Apr
But if you look at the box in editor for the WMIK, its huge for some reason.
[TWC] Chaza 16th Apr
Yeah I think the soft tops can. WMIK should be able to if you unmount the weapon system on top IIRC
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 16th Apr
[TWC] Fro 16th Apr
this is why I love you Jazza
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