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Operation LUDAG
8:20 PM Sat 11th Nov 2017 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation LUDAG
Cold War Mechanised


Era: Cold War
Forcetype: Mechanised
Vehicles:  FV432
Attachment: Chieftain MBT

Operation Start: 7. May 1983, 0640
Current Weather: Clear, medium fog up to ca. 20 meters
Forecast: Overcast, fog clears
Map: Taviana

Conflict Overview:
The Baltic Crisis
The population of a small communist island state in the Baltic Sea is rising up against it's regime. While the USSR and USA hold still, the combined forces of the British, Germans and Danish invade the islands to free the oppressed people of the Baltic Islands.
Recent Events:
Recent Events of the Baltic Crisis
With the people rising up and protesting in the cities, the Army, controlled by the regime, has declared martial law. They have besieged various cities and occupied key infrastructure (such as airfields and the big tavianan bridges). Denmarkk, Germany and the United Kingdom have been preparring for this invasion since the beginning of may. Last night, Danish Frogmen caprured the harbour near Shtangrad. German and Danish Infantry has since then been advancing through Shtangrad and Mitrovice and are now ready to move out further. Also last night, a platoon of Royal Marines captured the harbour near Cernovar and, after further reinforcements, captured the town proper. Since 0400 we have begun landing material at the harbour and are now ready to strike.

Our mission on the Baltic Islands is to liberate the oppressed people from their communist overlords. For now, however we will secure key facilities on the south eastern island and break the sieges of the nearby cities. Our company is going to be the spearhead in taking the northern part of this island. In our first overall objective is to secure the airfield and the northern bridge, as well as to break the siege around Bilgrad Na Moru. Our platoon will take the southern route while 1 Platoon will assault Vedich and secure the bridgehead, while 3 Platoon stays in reserve near Chernovar.

Our platoons first task is to break the siege around Bilgrad, where we expect around a tank squadron (albeit fielding outdated tanks) and a company worth of infantry. We are to be mindful of the civilians who have barreicaded themselfs in the constrains of the old castle. These are expected to be armed, but friendly to our cause. However we fear that they might fire upon us in confusion, which we are not to return.

Our second task is to secure the airfield. We expect a company of defending infantry as well as various AA installations, as well as possibly armed ground crew. Our night-time attack on the harbour has given the defenders some time to dig in and possibly reinforce with some specialised equipment, but considering they only had a few hours we don't expect too much.

Our third task is to hold the intersection north of the airfield (GR 081 171) against enemy forces trying to either retreat from, or reinforce the bridgehead attacked by 1 Platoon.

Situation (OpFor)
[See Baltic Crisis Documents: Background: SSUBI]

Situation Civilians
Population: Present, friendly.

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