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Operation GAINFORD
7:20 PM Sat 25th Nov 2017 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation GAINFORD
World War 2 Dismounted


Era: World War 2
Forcetype: Dismounted
Attachment: Churchill Mk III

Operation Start: Summer 1944
Current Weather: Clear
Map: Malden

Conflict Overview:
Rome has fallen and the Kingdom of Italy has capitulated.  However, Hitler is not willing to give up southern Europe just yet. In a spectacular raid, his SS has freed Mussolini from his alpine prison and reinstated the Italian Social Republic, with him as the Head of State.

Since we have landed at Sicily, we have fought both Italians and Germans but with the ISR as their puppet the germans have taken over the brunt of the fighting. As our division advances along the eastern coast of the Italian peninsula, we have come to that region of Italy that used to have a large french Population, even though it's totally a part of the Italian coastline and not an island at all.
Recent Events:
Our advance along the italian coast has been anything but smooth. however, we have now come across a significant obstacle: A small pass right next to the shore that is the only way over the mountains for miles inland. The higher echelons have called this 'Hans's Thermophylae' due to it's similarity to the battle of antiquity, hopefully implying that we're the Persians in this scenario and will actually get through.

We are to break through the 'Thermophylae' pass and the secure the two villages south of La Trinite. This is a vital routre, without which our advance will be severely delayed. The Germans have dug in all over the area, you will be supplied with aerial reconnaisance intel on their position. We also know they have erected a pontoon bridge to link the Peninsula next to Gulfe Vert to the mainland,should the pass itself fall. If possible we are to take this, not least because it would be able to hamper our advance on the mainland.

Once we have secure this first valley, we are, if possible, to take the position on the hills south-east of La Trinite. This position overlooks the entire valley north of the 'Thermophylae' and will be key in advancing further north. Under no circumstances are we to approach La Trinite, it is heavily defended and our platoon does not have the ressources to capture it. Command suggests we take an infiltration approach along the suggested route to then attack the position from behind.

1: Break through the 'Thermophylae'
2: (Optional) Take the peninsula east of Gulf Vert
3: Take Hourdan
4: Take Dourdan

Situation Wehrmacht (OpFor)
Weapons: Standard Wehrmacht Equipment
Vehicles: Standard Wehrmacht Equipment
Uniforms: Standard Wehrmacht Feldgrau + Camo

Situation Civilians
Population: Fled into the mountains.

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[TWC] Aleyboy 27th Jan
Public again tonight 1900
[TWC] Sarge 26th Jan
[TWC] Aleyboy 26th Jan
Apache gunner is basically an AFAC anyway innit
[TWC] Sarge 26th Jan
Apparently it had been previously decided that no FAC for Apache so I'm scratching it.
[TWC] Sarge 26th Jan
Eh if no one tells them no. Guess everyones a target
[TWC] Chaza 26th Jan
That could of been messy
[TWC] Sarge 26th Jan
Whoops just an oversight
[TWC] Chaza 26th Jan
No FAC for the Apache in next weeks op?
[TWC] Aleyboy 26th Jan
Sunday Public tonight at 1900, get on it!
[TWC] DerpyDays 25th Jan
going to be like 30-45 mins late
[TWC] DerpyDays 25th Jan
crap i forgot the WW2 repo, might be late
[TWC] Chaza 25th Jan
few more needed for the recon team! A rare WW2 attachment!
[TWC] Chaza 25th Jan
Sign up for the op sheeple. Going to be a cracker by the looks of it!
[TWC] zurxo 24th Jan
bish bash bosh
[TWC] jayman 24th Jan
bingo bango bongo
[TWC] DerpyDays 24th Jan
bongo bongo i dont want to leave the congo
[TWC] Aleyboy 23rd Jan
[TWC] Lukey 23rd Jan
[TWC] Aleyboy 22nd Jan
Public again tonight, get on it!
[TWC] Hobbs 22nd Jan
there's a couple of other minor things too but many other groups have had to roll back as well, we're better off on the old version for the moment
Operation SCEPTIC
3 Days, 13 Hours, 51 Minutes and 2 Seconds
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