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Weekend Warriors - Op LIST
9:30 PM Sat 23rd Dec 2017 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Map - Reshmaan
Era - Modern


The conflict in Reshmaan province is going well, and several tribes have become accustomed and friendly to our presence. Others however are still either operating on the insurgents' payroll or simply don't like us. At first light you will be provided with a list of the tribes that have been naughty and the tribes that have been nice.


1: Lead a patrol through the friendly villages and spread the christmas cheer with food and gifts that will be provided to you. 

2: Roll up on the resisting tribes' homes and kill every conniving little fuck that you see.

Additional information

Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) has also been feeling festive, and have agreed to provide a group of MRZR buggies for our use. These are limited however as they are only on loan to us, and it is unlikely that they will grant us additional vehicles if we destroy any.

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23rd Dec 2017
There's no role sheet for this right?
Chat Box
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 22:12
Hey Eslam, long time no-see!
[TWC] Keniz 25th Jun
Yup, looking forward to the pub today
Eslam 25th Jun
Ayy lads you still alive?!
[TWC] Crow 25th Jun
Public eh?
[TWC] Hobbs 25th Jun
I'l be on pub tonight hopefully around 7
[TWC] Keniz 25th Jun
Thank you! Ill try to show up for pub today if i'll make it, since its my last chance for this week (i'm hitting France again from wed)
[TWC] dinoscool3 24th Jun
Got the day off thanks to Quebecois Day, anyone down for some Public?
[TWC] Lukey 24th Jun
Welcome back for me eyyy
[TWC] nickthegreek 24th Jun
welcome to the group
[TWC] Mallas 24th Jun
Congrats to all the new members!
[TWC] Keniz 23rd Jun
little bit late on comment for @Bosenator... thanks for the section command yesterday, was great, too bad I wasnt able to pull you out alive there
[TWC] Crow 23rd Jun
Ill be on around 1900
[TWC] Aleyboy 23rd Jun
[TWC] Crow 23rd Jun
Or just appear?
[TWC] Crow 23rd Jun
Shall we set a time
[TWC] Aleyboy 23rd Jun
I’ll be up for Sunday public
[TWC] Hobbs 23rd Jun
@chaza jayman's putting in rhs afrf for this one op
[TWC] Hobbs 23rd Jun
if people go on it crow then sure XD
[TWC] Chaza 23rd Jun
Where are we getting the BMD's from?
[TWC] Crow 23rd Jun
Any public on today?
Operation PRYZHOK
3 Days, 5 Hours, 44 Minutes and 49 Seconds
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Mark Jhonston
15th Jun