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Operation LEVKOV
08:20 AM Sat 6th Jan 2018 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation LEVKOV

Era: Modern
Forcetype: Motorised
Vehicles: Foxhound
Attachment: None.

Operation Start: 06.06.2020.
Current Weather: Overcast with fog.
Future Weather: No change.
Map: @mbg_celle2

Conflict Overview:
After the War in Syria ended in Bashar al-Assad favour, Russia became a major influence in the Middle East and secured a puppet state with access to the Mediterranean Sea. With Russia in al-Assad's ear, they expelled all NATO forces out of Syria which ended in a disaster with over 35 NATO soldiers ending up killed after a US transport plane has been shot down by IS remnants. This provoked the reaction from the EU, US and other international organisations to issue more sanctions against Russia. In August, 2018 Russia declared that it would withdraw from the UN, which never happened in the history of UN. Soon after, more of Russian allies followed by leaving the UN - India, China and Syria.

In the same year in December, the US has left NATO claiming it's member states are relying too much on the US without investing more of their own GDP in national defense. Shortly after NATO began to crumble with more and more nations leaving. With NATO in shambles, the EU needed to organize a joint military which would defend EU borders now that their ally, the US is no longer willing to do so. Thus the European Military was formed. All EU member states now had a single army which would defend it's borders. Russia and it's allies also formed a singular military and a new coalition called the Pan-Asian Coalition (Пан-азиатская Коалиция) based on the EU. In 2020 Poland joined PAC which opened the rest of the EU to PAC. In June 2020, a massive military exercise ветер (Wind) that would include up to 100,000 soldiers from all PAC member states was to be held out in Poland.

Recent Events:
With increasing tension between the EU and PAC, the EU has sent a delegation to Poland to help lower tension between the two and hopefully establish a trade deal between the European Union and the Pan-Asian Coalition.

1. We are to provide security at the EU & PAC peace talks.

Situation Opfor:
Weapons: AK-74M, PKP Pecheng, SVD Dragunov, RPG-7.
Uniform: Green EMR uniform, green helmet, green vests.
Vehicles: Ural trucks, BTR-90, BMP-2, T-72, T-90, Mi-8, Ka-50, Su-34.

Situation Civilians:
Population: Around 340,000 live in the region, however due to the EU peace talks martial law has been enacted and all civilian population should be in their houses.
Allegiance: Polish government which is controlled by Russia.

Situation Blufor:
Weapons: XM8 variants, M4A1, AA-12.
Uniform: Checkered shirts, blue jeans, beige/black kevlar vests, beige/black caps.
Vehicles: Black SUV, green M2 Humvee.

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[TWC] Chaza 23:25
XD - "Bang Fuck - The two sounds that make up a Negligent / Unauthorised Discharge"
[TWC] nickthegreek 17:45
public tonight
[TWC] Rik 16:03 ... glish_military_slang­ Mandatory reading before Saturday
[TWC] Chaza 15:11
Oh am gutted to miss that. Remember to say cunt alot and then offer vegemite sandwiches to everyone
[TWC] Mallas 25th Apr
They're not, they're only upside down.
[TWC] jayman 25th Apr
Are we just going to ignore that the letters are backwards too
[TWC] Mallas 24th Apr
Mɥʎ uoʇ ɔoɯɯǝɯoɹɐʇǝ ∀NZ∀Ɔ ɟoɹɔǝs ʇoɯoɹɹoʍ qʎ pǝɟǝupᴉuƃ ┴oqɹnʞ ʇɥᴉs Sɐʇnɹpɐʎ¿ Sᴉƃu nd ɟoɹ ʇɥǝ odǝɹɐʇᴉᴉou¡
[TWC] Mallas 24th Apr
This is what Rik meant, considering we're playing ANZAC....
[TWC] Rik 24th Apr
Why not commemorate ANZAC forces tomorrow by defending Tobruk this Saturday? Sign up for the operatiion!
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 23rd Apr
Don't forget to vote!
[TWC] Chaza 20th Apr
Sign up for the op my dudes
[TWC] Lukey 20th Apr
What a meme
[TWC] jayman 20th Apr
Next time someone complains about accurate AI play this: ... amp;
[TWC] freez 19th Apr
public time
[TWC] Aleyboy 19th Apr
I’ll be there
[TWC] freez 19th Apr
[TWC] Hobbs 19th Apr
Pub tonight?
Operation FALCHION
1 Day, 14 Hours, 51 Minutes and 4 Seconds
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