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Weekend Warriors - Op Apex
9:30 PM Fri 2nd Mar 2018 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Map: Tanoa

A small landing force has set down on the island of Tanoa, which has been overrun by FARC rebels seeking to claim sovereignty over the island and, in turn, independence from Colombia. TWC platoon has been deployed to the area, with the 1up intent of providing security to the region and control over the lucrative drug and arms trade.

Provide a strong initial presence in the region against the FARC rebels. Specialised objectives (aka zeus) will not be provided.

Other notes:
This will be an event to check the feasibility for a non-persistent Tanoa mission, that ends itself when no players are on it for a certain time so that it can't block non-apex users for days. There will be no zeus useage unless something goes very wrong, just straight insurgency with a large group on a sweet map
At the moment it's just a basic landing force with a few cars and boats. If there's an especially large amount of people then it will be made into a full public mission with the full complement of vehicles.

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1st Mar 2018
its gana be funn hobbs
Chat Box
[TWC] Vieira 00:20
Okey... I was just saying, cuz I couldnt join the op that i signed for... 3rd world energy crisis
[TWC] Cuck Me 22:35
The whole street is pitch black
[TWC] Cuck Me 22:35
Yeah so my power just went out
[TWC] Sarge 22:32
Now you know how it feels
[TWC] Vieira 22:01
Power surge here where I live. Just went back online... fml
[TWC] Theo Papas 17:58
wow, just wow
[TWC] jayman 19th Oct
Wow things are boring without power
[TWC] jayman 19th Oct
My power just went out
[TWC] Sarge 18th Oct
Sign up for the OP everyone. A lot of work went into it!
[TWC] Hobbs 18th Oct
tonight's public MVP goes to the 4 man afghan rally team, who valiantly did a sick jump in a pickup truck and landed nose first into a rock
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 18th Oct
Friday = Pub-day anyone?
[TWC] Crabb 18th Oct
Keep signing up for the OP everyone! It looks like a really good operation!
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 13th Oct
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