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Operation Horseshoe
WW2 Airborne

Era: WW2
Forcetype: Airborne/Glider Vehicles: Horsa
Attachment: PIAT / Platoon Marksman


Operation Start: 03:30, 7/8/1944
Current Weather: Clear sky, Full Moon
Future Weather: Clear sky.
Map: Staszow

Conflict Overview:

The invasion of Normandy seems to be a success. Operation Overlord is in full effect. We are gaining ground in all directions. But the advance is slow do to the German resistant. The ally forces is about halfway to Paris. They are expected to have it under control by the end of the month.

Recent Events:

With Operation Cobra well executed by the American forces the city of Cane is liberated. A few days has passed and the British forces has been tasked with clearing out the northern front towards the Belgium border. The city of Stazow is next on our calendar. An artillery position has slowed down the advance. The higher ups, has decided to drop a Platoon behind the German line. They expect that we can push south and take out the fortified positions, helping the remaining forces pushing north.


  • Regroupe with the France resistance after landing. Push south and clear out the town of Kurozweki.
  • Continue pushing south through the two small towns of Niemscice and Zaraz. Find and capture the German fortified position.
  • Conduct a raid on the town of Ogledow. Destroying the four 88’guns facing south and the two facing north.
Situation Opfor:
Weapons: Standard issued German weapons
Uniform: Standard issued Wehrmacht uniform, Gray or Camo
Vehicles: Kubelwagen, Opel Blitz, Sd.Kfz. 222, Sd.Kfz. 251, PzKpfw IV Ausf.H

Situation Civilians:
Population: Around all Small to medium towns. The city of Stazow has been evacuated due to air raids.
Allegiance: Non of the France has much love for the German occupiers.
Weapons: American and British weapons dropped to the France Resistance Movement
Uniform: Civilian clothes
Vehicles: Civilian vehicles

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Lukey 17th Jun
[TWC] Draig 17th Jun
m back
Lukey 17th Jun
Lukey 14th Jun
[TWC] Hobbs 14th Jun
Tonight's MVP award goes to the russian military, for calling in artillery on their own command post
[TWC] Hobbs 14th Jun
public time
[TWC] Bosenator 14th Jun
Reminder as well, do not download the next TS update until we can get the ACRE update out
[TWC] Bosenator 14th Jun
We ignoring all those points raised in the past again :Kappa:
[TWC] Chaza 14th Jun
Because it is boring and unrealistic. No one has used LR in years. Foxhound would be the logical choice.
[TWC] Mallas 14th Jun
Why not ?
[TWC] Chaza 14th Jun
An army 2020 op with landrovers.Why
[TWC] Hobbs 14th Jun
Friday pub tonight
[TWC] Hobbs 13th Jun
just gonna have dinner then I'll be on for pub in maybe 30 mins
Cuck Me 13th Jun
i did not read the top message haha
Cuck Me 13th Jun
what time ill be there?
[TWC] Hobbs 13th Jun
testing complete, but I'm up for pub tonight anyway
[TWC] Chaza 13th Jun
Am possibly free
[TWC] Hobbs 13th Jun
make that at least 2 testers
[TWC] Hobbs 13th Jun
need at least 1 tester on pub tonight to test languages and radio stuff
[TWC] Fro 13th Jun
summer was two weeks ago, winter is coming
Operation EPSOM
4 Days, 9 Hours, 11 Minutes and 36 Seconds
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