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UNSC Marines

Era: Halo Universe
Forcetype: Motorized
Attachment: Spartan II Team


Operation Start:  12:00 12.08.2525.
Current Weather: Cleark sky.
Future Weather: No changes.
Map: Stratis.

Conflict Overview:

Beginning in 2513 with a large uprising in the Eridanus system, Operation: TREBUCHET was intended to be a heavy handed fight to bring all dissenting Outer Colonies in line, effectively crushing all resistance to Earth's authority in the Outer Colonies.

Fighting broke out at Eridanus II and the space around it, as the United Rebel Front (URF) supporting the system's breakaway from the UNSC build a small navy of civilian craft and attempt to take over the system. The disorganized Eridanus Rebels are eventually brought together by URF leadership.

The UNSC responds harshly, sending a Fleet of Destroyers, Carriers, and Cruisers to the system to combat the rebel fleet. The resulting battle pitted the UNSC against at least one hundred smaller rebel craft. The UNSC forces defeated their rebel counterparts with little difficulty. During the battle, the rebels were routed and the remnants of their fleet fled into the asteroid belt to Eridanus secundus. They would eventually establish a fully functional asteroid base and began conducting raids again by 2525.

A ground campaign begins on Eridanus II, as units from the 9th Marine Expeditionary Force are sent to the planet in force, hoping to capture leaders of the movement and pacify the population.

Recent Events:

Stratis is a small island located around 254 km off the coast of the main spaceport on the planet, Luxor Spaceport. The island is a popular tourist destination because it was made to look like one of the 21st century Greek islands due to the nature of it's landscape. Stratis was very prosperous untill recently when rebel forces began harrasing the island population and it's visiting tourists. In response to this, the UNSC has deployed two Frigates to land on the island and neutralize all rebel activity.


  • Rescue any and all tourists and civilians being held hostage by rebel forces in Agia Marina.

Situation Opfor:
Weapons: Stolen UNSC weapons - MA5 series assault rifles, BR55 Service Rifle, M247 GPMG.
Uniform: Green uniforms, vests and helmets.
Vehicles: Stolen UNSC vehicles - M12 Warthogs.

Situation Civilians:
Population: High.
Allegiance: UNSC.

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Operation BANSHEE
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