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Operation Start:  11.04.2020. @ 02:00
Current Weather: Overcast.
Future Weather: Overcast with no changes.
Map: @nziwasogo

Conflict Overview:

Wakanda is a country in the middle of Africa that has been going trough large civil unrest in the past decade. The country suffered 2 attempted coups, one which failed and one lead by the self-proclaimed Emperor of Africa Johan Abacha Bahy or as he likes to call himself, General God. Since the early 2000s, the country was ruled by "General God" with an iron fist, killing or imprisoning any who opposed him. A video surfaced on YouTube how his troops violently massacred unarmed civilians in a peaceful protest against him. The international community, mostly the UN, has voiced a serious concern of how Wakandas civilian population is being treated and has reacted by sending in their peacekeepers. The peacekeepers have been kept under close watch until recently when they were given exclusive access to a Wakanda prison camp where children and elderly were being kept. What they discovered was horrible. With the evidence they needed to support military action to bring down "General God" the UN has recalled it's peacekeepers back to review the evidence. With the evidence, UN has justified military action and several NATO country troops have been already deployed to the country to capture the infamous warlord and instate democracy and freedom in Wakanda.

Recent Events:

One of many UN planes evacuating from the country was shot down over Canchungo. With a British Mechanized platoon being the closest, command has decided to send them in to secure the crash site.

Primary :

1) The plane was shot down from somewhere around Canchungo. Move in the area, secure it and locate the source that brought down our C-130.
2) Secure the C-130 crash site.
3) The French forces situated at the border have reported that they are under sporadic fire from Kedougou and will soon have to retreat if they don't receive any reinforcements. Help the French platoon by securing Kedougou.

Secondary :

1) French spotters have reported sightings of enemy artillery vehicles around Vumba. Recon the area and destroy any tracked or wheeled enemy vehicles you find.

Situation Opfor:
Weapons: AKM, RPK-74, PKM. RPD, Dragunov SVD, RPG-7, DSHKM static MG, Metis static AT, SPG-9 recoilless rifle, ZU-23 static AA.
Uniform: Green camo with green helmets.
Vehicles: UAZ, Ural, BTR-60, BMP-2, T-55, ZSU-23-4 "Shilka", several (1-4) Mi-8 helicopters mostly used for transportation of troops.

Situation Civilians:
Population: Present.
Allegiance: Mostly to Opfor due to fear of repercussions.

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[TWC] Lemon_Pizza 18:15
there should always be a penal section!
[TWC] Aleyboy 16:18
More public tonight, be there or be square
[TWC] Hobbs 24th Mar
pub time
[TWC] Chaza 24th Mar
If MARS is oversubscribed, can we have the penal section again?
[TWC] Hobbs 24th Mar
I'm up for that
[TWC] Aleyboy 24th Mar
Pub tonight, 1900ish?
[TWC] Lukey 24th Mar
After nearly 4 hours I managed to get my Arma working again xD RIP
[TWC] Vieira 23rd Mar
The best part was the Direct Hit from whateverthefuck that took down almost half the squad.
[TWC] Hobbs 23rd Mar
close calls from last night's pub: ... atch?v=bwfkS96o46c
[TWC] Chaza 23rd Mar
And don't forget to vote
[TWC] Chaza 23rd Mar
Sign up for the op if you havent already! WW2 Gliders!
[TWC] Lukey 22nd Mar
[TWC] Mallas 22nd Mar
I would never Fro. Everything I say is 100% authentic and in no way copied from external sources. Trust me.
[TWC] Chaza 22nd Mar
I'll have you know I trust the Daily Mail more, and that too low quality to use as loo roll
[TWC] Fro 22nd Mar
Did you copy and paste that from their site? this here folks is a prime example of brainwashing
[TWC] Mallas 22nd Mar
I'll have you know Fro that RT creates news with an edge for viewers who want to Question More. RT covers stories overlooked by the mainstream media, provides alternative perspectives on current affairs, and acquaints international audiences with the correct viewpoint on major global events.
[TWC] Hobbs 22nd Mar
in case you were wondering, public tonight starting around 6
[TWC] Fro 22nd Mar
Non government lead site.....hahahaha I suppose you have to say that otherwise you'd be disappeared
[TWC] Mallas 22nd Mar
Unlike you Fro, I get my news from verified and reliable, non-government lead sites like RT.
[TWC] Fro 22nd Mar
Malpas you really need to get your news from a more reputable source, try Facebook or Wikipedia
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