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Operation HEDGEHOG
6:20 PM Sat 28th Apr 2018 (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation HEDGEHOG
WW2 Dismounted

Era: WW2
Forcetype: Dismounted
Vehicles: None.
Attachment: Sherman Tank

Operation Start:  0730
Current Weather: Fog and rain.
Future Weather: Fog and rain.
Map: Neaville

Conflict Overview:
With what's now being named the Second World War in full swing, the Axis war machine has spread far across Europe. In June we landed on the beaches of Normandy and successfully pushed the Nazis back to Belgium, bringing liberty back to those in desperate need.

In Belgium, around the area of Neuville we’ve been called to a halt. We discovered that the Germans placed AT and AP minefields in the area. Because of this, the U.S. dropped troops from the 101 paratroopers behind enemy lines to capture the town of Neuville and to find a clear route through the minefields. They discovered that Neuville was heavily manned by the Germans.

Recent Events:
For the last three days there has been no radio contact with the 101 paratroopers, we expect them to have been killed or captured. If they are captured they are most likely somewhere in the area of Neuville. We were also expecting a supply convoy, but they have failed to reach us.

We have to push on Neuville. Priminalry scouting has discovered some fields that are mined, and have been marked on the map - the scouting was not exhaustive, however. Proceed with caution and approach Neuville from Le Carrefour Joyeuse, as this route should have been cleared by the 101 paratroopers.The east side of Neuville should also be the least protected. We have managed to secure one Sherman Firefly as support, and a lend lease Jeep for logistics/casevac.

1) Clear La Durandiere.
2) Destroy AA site and other possible threats.
3) Find and secure the supply convoy.
4) Look for survivors at landing site.
5) Capture and secure Neuville.
6) Search for surviving paratroopers.
7) Capture or kill enemy leadership.

High command wants you to follow the objectives as listed!

Situation Opfor:
Weapons: German Standard Issue, K98K, MP40, MG34, etc.
Uniform: Field gray, some camouflage, stahlhelm.
Vehicles: Kubelwagen, Opel Blitz, Sd.Kfz. 251.

Situation Blufor:
Weapons: M1 Grand, M1 Carabine, Tomphson, BAR, M1911. 
Uniform: M42 paratrooper uniform, M1 paratrooper helmet.
Vehicles: Horsa glider.

Situation Civilians:

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Chat Box
[TWC] Aleyboy 27th Jan
Public again tonight 1900
[TWC] Sarge 26th Jan
[TWC] Aleyboy 26th Jan
Apache gunner is basically an AFAC anyway innit
[TWC] Sarge 26th Jan
Apparently it had been previously decided that no FAC for Apache so I'm scratching it.
[TWC] Sarge 26th Jan
Eh if no one tells them no. Guess everyones a target
[TWC] Chaza 26th Jan
That could of been messy
[TWC] Sarge 26th Jan
Whoops just an oversight
[TWC] Chaza 26th Jan
No FAC for the Apache in next weeks op?
[TWC] Aleyboy 26th Jan
Sunday Public tonight at 1900, get on it!
[TWC] DerpyDays 25th Jan
going to be like 30-45 mins late
[TWC] DerpyDays 25th Jan
crap i forgot the WW2 repo, might be late
[TWC] Chaza 25th Jan
few more needed for the recon team! A rare WW2 attachment!
[TWC] Chaza 25th Jan
Sign up for the op sheeple. Going to be a cracker by the looks of it!
[TWC] zurxo 24th Jan
bish bash bosh
[TWC] jayman 24th Jan
bingo bango bongo
[TWC] DerpyDays 24th Jan
bongo bongo i dont want to leave the congo
[TWC] Aleyboy 23rd Jan
[TWC] Lukey 23rd Jan
[TWC] Aleyboy 22nd Jan
Public again tonight, get on it!
[TWC] Hobbs 22nd Jan
there's a couple of other minor things too but many other groups have had to roll back as well, we're better off on the old version for the moment
Operation SCEPTIC
3 Days, 12 Hours, 53 Minutes and 21 Seconds
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