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Operation HUNSWICK
6:20 PM Sat 21st Jul (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation HUNSWICK

Era: 1990s
Forcetype: Mechanised
Vehicles: FV510 Warrior, FV4201 Chieftain.
Attachment: Tank Troop.

Operation Start: 09:00, 11th of August 1992
Current Weather: Overcast
Future Weather: Overcast
Map: Chernarus (Included in Operations & Trainings).

Conflict Overview:
Chernarus (Link).

The Chernarussian Civil War (Link).

The United Kingdom has come to the aid of the post-Soviet nation of Chernarus, which is embroiled in Civil War.

Recent Events:
Operation ALTHAM has neutralised the threat of Chedaki guerilla attacks on eastern South Zagoria. This has secured the supply lines of the British forces in the Vybor area, opposing the Chedaki armoured Forces north of Lopatino.

This has put our forces in a position where we can cut of the Chedaki forces in South Zagoria, by simply pushing north and taking the mountain pass towards the west. Given the ‘problematic’ relations between British and the CDF forces, command has decided to exclusively employ British units for this operation. Given the strong enemy anti-armour capabilities north of Lopatino, we have secretly pulled back our armoured force, into a better jump-off position.

In this stroke, all British units in South Zagoria will participate. While our motorised and dismounted forces will hold the area around Lopatino and move to eliminate likely AT positions to its east, our company has been tasked with breaking through the enemy defensive line at Kabanino, move through the airfield to then roll up the enemy defensive line (containing armoured units) from the east. While we are engaging the enemy defences north of Lopatino, the motorised and dismounted forces will move to secure the airfield against enemy counter-attacks and seize the enemy artillery position in the north. Our company is then to continue towards where the enemy supply routed via the mountain intersects with the road from Grozovly pass.

  1. Break through the enemy defences at Kabanino. It will have to be seized to allow a wide enough gap in the enemy defences.
  2. Seize the Barracks at the airfield.
  3. Seize the area around the fire station and the ATC tower at the airfield.
  4. Eliminate enemy (armoured) forces north of Lopatino.
  5. Secure the intersection leading to the mountain pass and Grozovly pass.

Situation OPFOR:
Weapons: Warsaw Pact weaponry.
Uniform: Various camouflages.
Vehicles: Warsaw Pact vehicles.

Situation Civilians:
Population: Not expected in AO.

Situation BLUFOR:
British troops operating in the area.
UN Troops (camouflaged uniforms, blue helmets) in the UN Security Zone nearby.

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[TWC] Lukey 17:58
A rare spotted Jefro
[TWC] Danny 13:30
Thanks, Jefro. We miss you dude ;-;
[TWC] Theo Papas 13:29
thx (:
JEFRO 13:17
MERRY X MAS GANG , sorry i havnt been on in months been busy with work , mostly weekends not gettin home till 11ish ...but hey i will be back sooon ...i hope u lot enjoy the festive period im still checkin the site when i can ...and any pvp yet ? hmmmmm
[TWC] Theo Papas 14th Dec
public tonight again?
[TWC] Theo Papas 13th Dec
Public is on!
[TWC] Danny 13th Dec
Need someone on public just for five minutes.
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 13th Dec
I'm keen
[TWC] jayman 13th Dec
I would but I think if I play public two days in a row I'll burst into flames
[TWC] Bosenator 13th Dec
Public @ 7pm UK time
[TWC] Crabb 13th Dec
[TWC] Danny 13th Dec
Maybe i'll be on, no promises
[TWC] Theo Papas 13th Dec
Public tonight?
[TWC] Mc_Jazza 12th Dec
Sounds good!
[TWC] Bosenator 12th Dec
I will be on again tonight at 7pm UK time.
[TWC] Bosenator 11th Dec
Poppin on in 10
[TWC] Lemon_Pizza 11th Dec
[TWC] Bosenator 10th Dec
Public again tonight?
[TWC] Saxon 10th Dec
Wow Crow we'll just RP that you have a parrot on your shoulder
[TWC] Lemon_Pizza 9th Dec
i got some beers so what about some proper pub tonight
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