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Operation TARZAN
6:20 PM Sat 1st Sep (GMT/UTC +1.0)
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Operation TARZAN
By Condoxy

Era: Modern (COIN)
Force-type: Heavy Protected Mobility
Vehicles: Mastiff

Operation Start: 08:00
Current Weather: Clear and sunny
Future Weather: Clear and sunny
Map: Takistan

Conflict Overview:
On 11 September 2001 terrorists hijacked four aeroplanes in the United States. Two were deliberately flown into each of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York, with another hitting the Pentagon in Virginia. The fourth aeroplane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.This Lead to Operation Enduring Freedom on October 7th 2001. This was the United States response to 9/11. The 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment got deployed to Afghanistan 1 week later to secure the southern airfield and secure the areas around because further operations will be continued in this area by the British Army to help restore peace back in Afghanistan and to help civilization to get back to its normal state.

Recent Events:
A few months have passed and The 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment have cleared the southern airfield and most of the areas around it. The roads named "Phill" and "Collins" heading west out of Timurkalay are full of IEDs and should not be driven on until the 4th U.S. Infantry Regiment arrive. Also driving on hills is a danger due to the incline of them. Civilians are present and want to be reassured that they will be okay so hearts and minds is important for us to win conflict against the Taliban and to capture Osama Bin Laden! And never less than to restore peace back into Afghanistan.

1) Seize the ammo depot
2) Capture the Taliban training centre
3) Seize the Taliban Stronghold

Side Objectives:
1) Investigate the Chinook Crash landing zone and salvage any ammo

Situation OPFOR:
Weapons: AK47,FNFAL,RPG,
Uniform: White black clothing 
Vehicles: Pick up truck

Situation Civilians:
Population: Minimal
Allegiance: Uncertan

Situation BLUFOR:
USMC Located in the areas arround the southern airfield
Uniform:USMC Uniform

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[TWC] Lemon_Pizza 15:04
[TWC] Bosenator 10th Dec
Public again tonight?
[TWC] Saxon 10th Dec
Wow Crow we'll just RP that you have a parrot on your shoulder
[TWC] Lemon_Pizza 9th Dec
i got some beers so what about some proper pub tonight
[TWC] Lukey 8th Dec
Bird pie anyone? Lol!
[TWC] Lemon_Pizza 8th Dec
obliously strap some pillows to the cage
[TWC] Seska 8th Dec
Crow has a bird in his room. Oh, the irony.
[TWC] Rik 8th Dec
Just throw a towel over its cage, it'll sleep? If not, I can take care of birds in other ways...
[TWC] Crow 8th Dec
I have a bird in my room again and hes a squawky fuck, so im not going to attend because if its pissing me off it will piss you guys off
[TWC] Theo Papas 7th Dec
[TWC] Harry 7th Dec
Joining discord for time being
Joery 7th Dec
[TWC] Harry 7th Dec
looks like it
[TWC] Hobbs 7th Dec
yep, stand by
[TWC] spartan297 7th Dec
ts down ?
[TWC] Theo Papas 7th Dec
[TWC] Harry 7th Dec
[TWC] Theo Papas 7th Dec
[TWC] Bosenator 7th Dec
Public tonight again?
Operation BANSHEE
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