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Era: Cold War COIN
Forcetype: Dismounted.
Vehicles: 1x Land Rover.

Operation Start: 9:00, 03/07/1967.
Current Weather: Sunny, dry, hot.
Future Weather: Sunny, dry, hot.
Map: Zargabad.

Conflict Overview:
The Aden Protectorate has been a British colony since 1839. In 1963, a small uprising sparked an insurgency throughout the colony, leading to an increased presence of British troops. In recent months, the insurgency has increased in ferocity, with insurgents committing more and more brazen attacks on British forces. The government, unwilling to send more troops, has been preparing for self-rule in Aden under the existing tribal system. However, this has not quelled the Marxist insurgents. Earlier this year, street riots in Aden City have made the city rather unsafe, even for British forces. To make matters worse, the Arab Police and Arab Army revolted last month, incited by the Six-Day War in the Levant. Rebel forces have now occupied a considerable part of the country.

Recent Events:

A section-sized patrol was ambushed previous week while en route to the town of Zargabad, near Aden. The area has been teeming with insurgents since. The government wishes to restore order to the town, and recapture some of the fallen British soldiers. However, not wanting to incite any more violence, British forces are to strictly only use deadly force if rebel forces engage them with it. Any armed persons that are encountered should be cautiously approached, arrested, and taken back to the holding cell at the patrol base. The insurgents often hide among the civilian population, and any “stop and search” actions are not only permitted but recommended.

For more information on the rules of engagement, see this service leaflet.


Arrest any armed persons you encounter.
Recapture the Arab Police stations from the revolting officers.
Recover the bodies of the lost section patrol.

Situation OPFOR:

Weapons: Lee-Enfield rifles, Sterling SMG’s, Bren LMG’s, M1911 Pistols.
Uniform: Civilian clothes (Insurgents), tan uniform (Arab Police/Arab Army).
Vehicles: Land Rover, Bedford Truck.

Situation Civilians:

Population: Hundreds present in the area.
Allegiance: Many of the civilians support the insurgents and wish for the British to leave.

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[TWC] Berg 01:43
We need signups for tomorrow! >: (
[TWC] Vieira 16:51
[TWC] Hobbs 22nd Feb
Yo guess what, it's friday! public tonight at 7
[TWC] Vieira 22nd Feb
i'm already 17, so i can do what i want! runf!
TheLocalPub 22nd Feb
Don't tell me what to do!
[TWC] Chaza 21st Feb
#12! Yer avin a laff. Vote!
[TWC] Berg 20th Feb
Sign up for the op and vote, you plebs.
[TWC] zurxo 20th Feb
@MartinGW a wild swede appears!
[TWC] Vieira 19th Feb
Public tonight?
[TWC] Vieira 19th Feb
It`s quite active for at least a year
MartinGW 19th Feb
Wow, I had almost forgotten about TWC, it almost died out a few years ago, so glad to see 12 player online on the public server, getting my things together to join for some awesomeness. Hi to everyone who remembers me.
[TWC] Mallas 19th Feb
iclans doesn't like the B emoji
[TWC] Mallas 19th Feb
[TWC] Fro 18th Feb
test failed
[TWC] Bosenator 18th Feb
[TWC] Aleyboy 18th Feb
Public at 1900ish
[TWC] Hobbs 17th Feb
public's pretty bumpin atm
[TWC] Berg 17th Feb
I'll be there sure
[TWC] Lemon_Pizza 17th Feb
in a couple hours more like
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